“I would have always said I had a very happy childhood. However, there were things about my family that didn’t make sense. My older sisters, I discovered in my 30s, had been physically and emotionally abused by my father for years. I had no clear memory of this abuse towards my sisters, as well as my mother. I did not realize that I carried this secondhand trauma in my body and that the reason I became a people pleaser and rescuer was more a coping mechanism than a true personality trait.

“When I was 54, I went from being extremely healthy, with no medication or pain, to suddenly having a plethora of strange, seemingly disconnected symptoms and severe body pain. Over a 7-year period, this nameless syndrome impacted literally every system in my body, most severely my nervous system. I tenaciously sought explanations and treatments from nearly every known medical specialty and had extensive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments all over the US. Finding no answers from traditional approaches, I eventually sought a large variety of alternative solutions, again with no answers and no significant long-term relief.

“In November of 2022, I was introduced to the Emotion Code® and rapidly began seeing lasting improvements as well as answers to some family mysteries. In January I purchased, and read twice, The Emotion Code book. I began releasing emotions and seeing dramatic results in myself and my husband who quickly joined in. I am feeling amazing, sleeping soundly, and marveling daily at the simplicity of this technique and the intricacies of the human body’s ability to return to a balanced state. Thank you Dr. Nelson for this incredible blessing.”

~Carolyn Trotter, British Columbia, Canada

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