“The success a child client of mine has made in a short period of time has to be shared to give parents hope.

“My client is a 12-year-old boy. His mom contacted me after a referral from his therapist. She stated he was highly sensitive with high anxiety and was beginning to harm himself and also have thoughts of suicide. The first two Emotion Code® sessions were on imbalances causing anxiety and overwhelm. His mom then communicated that his anxiety would rise when he knew he had to take a test, so the third session was on imbalances causing anxiety and overwhelm when having to take a test.

“This is a text I received from her after that:

‘I want to pass along an email I got out of the blue from my son’s teacher yesterday. Nobody knows I’ve worked with you/energy healing. The email says:
Good afternoon! I wanted to reach out to let you know I see a change in your son for the better. He seems much more at ease, confident and comfortable. Has he expressed any of these feelings to you? Have you noticed this at home as well? From his Math Teacher’

“Three days later I received this text message from his mom:

‘He just had a student conference at school and I ran into his English Teacher. She said she’s so proud of him. He has a whole new confidence about him, even the way he asks questions in class. He used to ask in a doubting way, but now it’s out of curiosity. She went on and on about him! The Advisory teacher said the whole team brought him up last week and discussed the changes in him! They’re all so happy to see him like this.’

“The main focus of what his subconscious needed to release was a teacher he had when he was 7. It seems this teacher’s hobby was to humiliate her students. Once her damage was removed, his true, curious self was able to shine!”

~ Sue Campanella, Rhode Island, USA

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