“I want to thank Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team for having developed such a beautiful program, with which many people are finding relief when they already thought that nothing could be done, from what I have experienced it is clear to me that the doctor and his wife received this knowledge from the divine source.

“For many years I have had many revelations from the divine source and more. It all started in a training from the Nikken company when I heard about Dr. Bradley Nelson. I had been looking for information about a mysterious doctor who practiced a wonderful energy modality and once I read his book, The Emotion Code, I was totally stunned to think that it was true.

“I didn’t think twice, I signed up for the first course. My goal was to get certified. My heart is what guided me. I managed to free my Heart-Wall® and the change was impressive. I made decisions that totally changed my life.

“I decided to return to my country of origin after 31 years, a third world country where I didn’t even have any family left, and everyone who knew me said that I had gone crazy, but it was something that I couldn’t describe, only that I felt like I had to be in Lima, Peru. I remember participating in the opening of Nikken in Peru and began to magically see many doors and opportunities opened for me, radio interviews, and presentations in hospitals. I couldn’t believe it. I was talking to doctors about the wall to the heart and the benefits of emotional liberation and its effects on the body. Then they offered me a consultation in the solidarity hospitals in Lima, to share the technique and practice it in the hospitals. From that, there are two years of extraordinary testimonies. How had I been able to enter a hospital? I don’t know, but I have many stories.

My heart had a goal which was to receive training directly with Dr. Nelson and since everything I have wanted in life since I freed my heart has been fulfilled, today I am very happy, very happy because I will be in Las Vegas in January certifying in the third level. I don’t talk about my full story because I know it is something very out of the ordinary, but I know that the doctor’s story is full of great events and revelations. I know that I am with a team of human beings who promote the advancement of man. Thank you very much.”

~Francisco Martin, Florida, USA

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