As technology advances, we’re making some exciting enhancements to The Emotion Code® and patented Body Code method and software. We’re developing a new product called The Discover Healing App, which will be your all-in-one tool, encompassing both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. As much as we are innovating in the world of energy healing, we are innovating our technology as well, to make your life and your work easier!

New Discover Healing App Coming in 2020!

This new app includes The Emotion Code charts and Body Code mind mapping system. This app was built from the ground up, taking into consideration the feedback we’ve been gathering from our users for years. It will be announced in the early part of 2020, and made available to you in an always-up-to-date subscription format.

  • Automatic content updates for all users

  • Simplified and refined user experience

  • Significantly expanded, clarified and updated content

  • All new images with intuitive, user-friendly design

  • Improved user guidance

  • 7-day free trial period for new subscribers

  • Current users of The Body Code 2.0 will automatically receive a full year of Body Code access on the new Discover Healing app. (This means no subscription fee for 1 year, beginning at launch date).

Dr Brad and the team have been hard at work on incorporating many exciting new changes into the new app that we can’t wait to share with you! These changes will help us keep The Body Code mind mapping system up to date for you, so you can have an enhanced experience we’re sure you’re going to love.
We are really excited to update our technology, making it easier and more accessible for everyone around the world to use these energy healing modalities through the new Discover Healing app! We will be announcing the launch of the new app very soon. To be sure you’re updated, enter your email address below.

This article was revamped and updated for clarification and accuracy on December 9, 2019. 

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