One of the great things about The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ is that you can easily and effectively use them to help others — and to help yourself! These powerful energy healing tools were designed to be used both alone and with someone else, and anyone can learn how to use them. In fact, in our energy healing certifications and courses, we begin teaching these tools by having students practice on themselves!

How to use The Emotion Code and The Body Code on yourself

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are both healing tools that simply and easily locate trapped energies or imbalances within the body, then help release them. By balancing the energy in your body, you help enable yourself to heal physically and emotionally! You can visit one of our fully certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioners for an energy healing session, or if you’d like to learn how to use them on yourself, you can get certified through our online courses and start helping your body heal itself!

Both The Emotion Code and The Body Code use muscle testing as a key concept in the healing process. Muscle testing is based on the premise that the subconscious holds knowledge that isn’t accessible in our conscious, active mind. We believe that the subconscious mind is aware of exactly what your body needs in order to heal. In order to access those vast stores of information, we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. Muscle testing is used in order to do exactly that and can be used for working on yourself, working by proxy, or working on a surrogate.

Muscle testing on yourself can be done with a variety of different tests, such as the Sway Test, the Ring-in-Ring Test, the Elbow Test, and more! Want to learn more about how to muscle test yourself? Try our free Intro to Muscle Testing Course! 

Once you’ve learned to accurately locate Trapped Emotions and energetic imbalances through muscle testing, The Emotion Code and The Body Code will help you to release those energies to free yourself from what may be holding you back physically and emotionally. We believe these tools effectively find the root causes of your issues and release them, rather than simply treating the symptoms!

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Why practice energy healing on yourself?

When you’re just beginning to learn how to use energy healing, it’s normal to feel uncertain about your abilities and to question the answers you receive. As with any new skill, lots of practice will help you gain confidence. The easiest person to practice on is yourself! In our energy healing training course, after each new skill is taught, we always ask our students to begin practicing on themselves first. Once they have mastered using a skill on themselves, then they’re able to confidently move on to trying it on others.

Additionally, if you’re just starting out with energy healing, you likely have quite a few emotions to clear from yourself. In fact, we sometimes see new healers struggle to attain answers through muscle testing because Trapped Emotions are holding them back from being able to trust themselves. In this case, you might want to see an experienced energy healer to help clear your emotions. Once the Heart-Wall® or emotions that were causing you uncertainty are cleared, you’ll be able to continue your personal energy healing journey.

These holistic health tools create a simple road map that may help you uncover the cause of physical or emotional distress in the body, so you can feel better. Anyone can learn to use these tools to help themselves and their loved ones access the power of energy healing. Start your self-healing journey today with The Emotion Code and The Body Code!