Negative emotions can be scary! But they don’t have to be. By learning how to identify, process, and release negative energy you can free yourself and others from the negative energy holding you back from a positive healthy life.

Negative energy is essentially what it sounds like. Your body has a natural energy rhythm, and energy can flow freely and directly throughout your body. However, when the energy in your body is negative, the flow of energy is not only disturbed but can bring about physical and mental issues. Many people don’t know they have negative energy; they just think they are in a rut or funk. That is why learning how to spot negative energy and using energy healing to clear it is so helpful!

What Does Negative Energy Do to the Body?

Negative energy can have both physical and mental effects on the body. Because your body does not have a correct or positive energy flow when you are filled with negative energy, you may feel off. You may also experience pain in the body like headaches or stomach aches.

Learning the signs of negative energy is important. If you have negative energy trapped in your body, you may be wrongly diagnosing it without even knowing it.

What Are Some Signs of Negative Energy in the Body?

Signs of negative energy are different for every person. You can work with a trained energy healer to identify your specific signs of negative energy, but it is also important to know a few general indicators of negative energy trapped in the body.

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Physical and Mental Signs of Trapped Negative Energy:

  • Foggy mind
  • Feeling worn out and downtrodden
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Mood swings
  • Temper
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Impulsivity
  • Out-of-control emotions
  • See the world in a negative light

Who is Particularly Susceptible to Negative Energy?

People who may have experienced trauma in the past, or are currently going through a challenging time are typically more susceptible to negative energy. If you are a trauma survivor or struggle with mental health issues, watch yourself closely for signs of negative energy. These problems can affect your body in a way that can potentially allow more negative energy in, so it is important to always be on guard and to be actively seeking positive healing energy.

How To Rid Your Body of Negative Energy:

Light drives out darkness, so it is best to start by combating negative energy with positive energy. When the negative energy leaves your body, you will need to fill its place with positive light to keep the negative energy away. Whether you do this on your own or with the advanced help of an experienced energy healer, there are several ways to release the negative and fill your life with the positive.

Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy in your body and mind:

  1. Practice Meditation: Meditation can help us to focus on the positive in our lives by clearing the mind and trusting our intuition. 
  2. Self-care and Self-compassion: Taking time to care for yourself and focusing on the many positive things about you and your life can powerfully transform the way you feel. 
  3. Energy Healing: Learn to practice energy healing methods yourself, or work with a professional energy healer. Energy healing techniques such as the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ can be incredibly powerful ways to release negative energy and emotions in just moments – even those that have been bothering you for years! 
  4. Practice yoga, tai chi, or other positive types of movement: Physical movement can be a great way to release negative energy. It can also lead to positive feelings of accomplishment, self-confidence, and pride in yourself!
  5. Repeat daily positive affirmations: Find statements that resonate with you and affirm the positives about yourself and your life. Then, repeat them every day! 
  6. Yawn: Yawning clears the body and resets it. If you don’t need to yawn, fake it until you do.
  7. Spend time in nature: Appreciating the beauty of the world can help focus your energy on positive emotions. 
  8. Karma: The Law of Karma states that every action creates an energy that is returned to us in equal measure. Do your best to be sure your actions will bring about positive consequences, and if negative effects come your way, learn your lessons with a grateful heart.
  9. Learn to Laugh: Having a good laugh can automatically reset negative energy and rejuvenate you at the same time.
  10. Confront the negative energy head-on: Sometimes, we simply need to address issues that are causing us to feel negative emotions. If there’s someone or something in your life that causes stress, consider putting up boundaries so that you’re exposed less frequently.
  11. Breathe deeply: Breathing usually is not something we think about since it comes so naturally. However, in our day-to-day lives, our breath can easily become constricted, shallow, and stressed. This style of breathing deprives us of much-needed oxygen — contributing to brain fog, fatigue, and accumulation of toxins. This problem is easily solved with a bit of awareness, intention, and deep breathing techniques! 
  12. Stay hydrated: Drinking water may seem like such a basic action, yet dehydration is extremely common! Drinking enough water will flush out any toxins and their associated negative energies throughout the day. 
  13. Practice kindness to others: Shift your negative thoughts into positive action! When we’re feeling down about ourselves or the world around us, volunteering time to good causes, helping others, and making a difference can dramatically change how we feel. 
  14. Eat healthy, nourishing foods: A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and soul! Nourish yourself with good-for-you foods that you also enjoy eating. 

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How to clear negative energy from your home:

Since we typically spend a lot of time in our homes, making our homes a safe, positive place is a great step towards clearing your life of negative energy. Try removing objects that hold negative associations for you. This could include old photographs, notes, books, clothes, or anything else that reminds you of challenging times. Then, think about what you can now add to your space to make it feel more safe, happy, and healthy. 

Try cleansing your home space with these tips:

    1. Clean out clutter: This is a great way to remove stagnant energy from your home. Think about what you really value, what items bring you joy, and what is simply taking up space in your home.
    2. Air out your space: Opening the windows and bringing fresh air into your home can help circulate any stagnant energy.
    3. Burn sage, incense, or a smudge stick: Use clearing smudge sticks to ward off the negative energy in a room or around an individual. Herbs like Sage and Mugwort are good for clearing, cleansing, and healing.
    4. Add house plants: Plants cleanse the air and bring life into your house!
    5. Bring light into your home: Open the windows, add lamps, light candles, and even consider painting the walls brighter colors (if you can). A brighter space can help bring happiness, positivity, and joy back into your home.
    6. Use crystals to protect your space: Healing crystals have been used around the world throughout history to protect and cleanse. Visit a crystal shop and ask for crystals to help clear negative energy or protect your home.

As you actively combat negative energy, you will feel a weight being lifted from you. Contact a professional healer to learn more about holistic energy healing and safe ways to quickly release negative energy.

This article was originally published in 2018, and has been updated.