Join as an Affiliate


Must be a Certified Practitioner to apply.

Join as an Affiliate


Must be a Certified Practitioner to apply.

How it Works


If you are a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, you are eligible to register as an affiliate!


Login to and find marketing tools to share with your clients, friends and family.


Unlock your potential to make extra, passive income from simply sharing this energy healing work.

This is a one-tier program. It was designed specifically for our Certified Practitioners. Now you can earn up to 15% when your clients and friends buy our products and programs.

Share and Earn

Refer your clients, contacts, friends, and family to the simplest and most comprehensive energy healing solution on the planet — The Emotion Code®, Body Code™, and Belief Code® by Discover Healing — and earn with each sale on commissionable products*.

You’ll not only be helping the world become healthier, happier, and more free, you’ll be earning extra income just by sharing and helping your friends discover their energy healing abilities.

What are the Benefits?

Only Certified Emotion Code, Body Code, and/or Belief Code Practitioners may apply

Get Started Now

    Click the “Affiliate Area” tab on your dashboard

    You can preview the affiliate agreement here – please read before submitting your application.
    When approved, you’ll receive special affiliate marketing materials and customized links to get you started. You can even create your own referral links!
    Spread the word about The Emotion Code and Body Code healing programs, including certification, online trainings, events and select products. Share with your clients, your email list, your contacts, your friends and family — anyone you feel would be interested in what Discover Healing has to offer. Some of the best ways to promote these products are right after a client session, and on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Get creative and have fun!

    For every purchase made through your affiliate link, you’ll receive a commission. Eligible purchases include certifications, select products and online training programs, and our events. If you are an Emotion Code Practitioner, you’ll earn 10%. Body Code Practitioners earn 15%.

It’s FREE to Enroll!

There is no cost to enroll as an affiliate, and you’ll receive all the help you need to get started, from marketing materials to up-to-date offerings and more. Simply put: Promote our products and programs and receive a commission with every sale that is made through your affiliate links. It really is that easy.

Your Commission Rates

Commissionable Products

Level 1 Certification: The Emotion Code
Level 2 Certification: The Body Code
Level 3 Certification: The Belief Code
Discover Healing Event Tickets

Non-Commissionable Products

Discover Healing Premium Membership
Discover Healing App Subscriptions
The Emotion Code® Book
The Body Code™ Book
The Emotion Code® – Magnetic Chart of Emotions

Dr Bradley Nelson

An Invitation from Dr. Bradley Nelson

My sincere hope is that through our Affiliate Program you will work with us to spread the word about this energy healing work. This is the ultimate way to advertise because it helps everybody! You probably know plenty of people who are hungry for knowledge and balance. The more people we reach, the more people  gain this knowledge. And that means more wellness, joy and balance in this world!

Together, we can help more people that we can alone! If you’d like to become and affiliate and partner with me in getting the word out to your friends and family, please sign up now! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!

– Dr Brad

Affiliate FAQ

Our affiliate program integrates seamlessly with your account. Once you sign up and are approved, you’ll be able to login and find links to our products and shopping cart, banners and other marketing materials you can send your friends and clients.

If someone clicks on your specialized affiliate link and makes a purchase, your account will automatically show a balance to be paid to you via Paypal. We pay out commissions once per month, on the first business day of the month.

Your affiliate link includes a code, specific to you, which will put a “cookie” on your referral’s computer. If your friend buys one our commissionable products within 15 days of clicking your link (as long as they have not cleared the cookies on their internet browser) you will receive commission on the sale.

15 Days. That means as long as your referral buys any of our commissionable products within 15 days of clicking your link, you will receive credit.

However, if your referral clears their internet browser cache and deletes cookies, they would need to click your affiliate link again before purchasing to give you commission.

This is why we recommend, whenever possible, that you help your friends place their orders in order to ensure your commission.

You can find current stats in your account under the Affiliate Area link.

Once a month, the first week of the following month, for balances of $50 or more. Paypal email address is used for payout (not username).

Commissions are paid out based on the amount that was actually paid by your referrals.

We offer affiliate commissions on our Certification Programs, select products and live events.

The last referrer gets commission. Make sure you follow up with people and when appropriate (such as after a session), you can help them place their order.

Unfortunately, we do not offer retroactive commissions on orders that were placed without using your referral link. That’s why we recommend helping your referral place their order, or making sure they know to use your referral link when they are ready to place their order.

Become an affiliate today and start earning on your referrals

Must be a Certified Practitioner to apply

Terms of the Discover Healing affiliate program are subject to change. We reserve the right to approve, deny, or revoke affiliate status at any time. One must submit an application and agree with the terms of the Affiliate Agreement to be approved in the affiliate program.