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Commissionable Products

Abundance Breakthrough Training Series
Awaken Your Highest Self Training Series
Comprehensive Issue Clearing – Session Guide
Creating Your Dream Life – Session Guide
Level 1 Certification: The Emotion Code
Level 2 Certification: The Body Code
Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery – Session Guide
Resonating Relationships Training Series
Your Open Heart Training Series


PLEASE NOTE: Affiliates are eligible to advertise and sell the same specials that Discover Healing is advertising except for the specials/promotions at live events. No commission will be granted if referring others to use your affiliate link along with a promo code obtained at one of our events, which include live and virtual seminars.

Non-Commissionable Products

Discover Healing Premium Membership
Discover Healing App Subscriptions
The Emotion Code® Hardcover Book (Updated and Expanded Edition)
The Emotion Code® – Magnetic Chart of Emotions