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On this page, you’ll find the latest affiliate marketing materials you can use to share The Emotion Code®, the Body Code™, and the Belief Code® to earn commissions. This page will be updated with graphics, copy and information on the latest promotions.

Valentine’s Day Sale

February 1 to February 15

You can download the images below to add to your social media posts or emails to promote the sale. IMPORTANT: Create your Referral URL using the landing page links below to get a commission for your referrals.

Link to Page:


This Valentine’s Day, Discover Healing is offering discounts on their heart-healing courses! From February 1 to February 15 enjoy deals on all three levels of Certification. Help yourself and others deepen relationships, heal physical distress, and resolve emotional issues with our online certifications.

What’s on Sale?

  • Emotion Code® Certification Course: 5% off 
  • Body Code™ Certification Course: 5% off

Plus, the first 100 people to enroll during the sale will be entered to win one of two exciting rewards! Win a session with a Staff Practitioner and a session to share with a loved one. Or, win a free year of enrollment in our Practitioner Education Program, plus a year to share with a friend*

*You must be certified to enroll in the Practitioner Education Program.

Downloadable Images

How to Post Your Affiliate Content on Facebook

Create Your Referral URL

  • Go to your affiliate area

  • Click Affiliate URLs
  • Paste the URL of the landing page you’d like to send people to in the PAGE URL box

  • Click the Generate URL button

  • Copy your new Referral URL and share!

Share Image & Link on Facebook

  • Download an image you’d like to use for your post

  • Open Facebook and create a new post using your Referral URL

  • Update the image on the post with the image you’ve downloaded. To update the image, click “Photo/Video”. This will allow you to search for the desired image on your hard drive.

  • Share!