Try out these marketing tools to build your Emotion Code and Body Code practices. They are FREE to use if you have a free HealersLibrary membership. Click here to visit the Business Center.

Our Business Center is the place where you will find the following marketing tools:

Emotion Code:
Emotion Code elevator speech
Emotion Code press release
Emotion Code book cover images

Body Code:
Body Code elevator speech
Dr. Bradley Nelson’s bio
Dr. Bradley Nelson’s press photos

Emotion Code inspirational video commercial
Body Code inspirational video commercial
Emotion Code “Depression Hurts” commercial

Sample interview questions: perfect to help you prepare for an interview on a tv or radio show
Inspirational ad posters: great to use to connect with your Facebook friends or group

How you can use them:
Post to your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blog, website, Linkedin, emails to your list

Click here to visit the Business Center
We will be continually adding more files to the Business Center, if you have ideas please let us know.