Nikken Magnets

Nikken Magnets

“Nikken is arguably the foremost wellness technology company in the world, and it was their magnetic products that have changed my life and the lives of so many others.” -Dr. Bradley Nelson

As you are probably aware, Dr. Nelson was using Nikken magnets in his early experimentation and development of The Emotion Code and Body Code to release trapped emotions and balance the body. It is our experience now that any and all sizes, strengths, and polarities of magnets can be used, even the magnetic field of your own hand, to use The Emotion Code and Body Code effectively. But we do recommend Nikken magnetic products, and in the interest of full-disclosure, our company is listed as a Nikken Wellness Consultant, so a portion of any purchase will go towards helping us fulfill our global mission: to take the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code to the world and help others access to the power of magnetic healing.



Nikken is an international company that was founded in 1975 in Japan. They have done a tremendous amount of research in this field, and really know how to make wonderful magnets that are very useful. They have a whole stable of magnetic products, including some of the most advanced magnetic devices available, from magnetic mattress pads, to massage devices, to water purifiers.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nikken Magnets you have the following options.

1. You can buy them at full retail (from Nikken) by clicking here

2. You can become a Nikken “Wellness Consultant,” giving you the ability to pay wholesale for any of the Nikken Products, and allowing you to make money by selling these products as well. There is no monthly obligation to this, but there is an annual renewal fee.

To become a Nikken consultant or member and buy Nikken products at wholesale, or if you have questions about the Nikken magnets or would like to place an order, you can also contact one of these Nikken Wellness Consultants:


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