Resonating Relationships Training Series

Resonating Relationships Training Series

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You Could Create Deep, True Love – Harnessing the Power of The Body Code™.

This breakthrough training series guides you through identifying exactly what you might need in order to end sabotage around relationships, so you can perform targeted energy healing using The Body Code. You could finally create and nurture the relationships you really want! Includes in-depth ONLINE audio/video recordings of actual sessions performed by expert Body Code Practitioner, Natalie Nelson. The Comprehensive Evaluation Form and Step-by-Step Session Guide to using The Body Code™ 2.0 makes it possible for you to master the art of removing blocks to love and romance.


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Resonating Relationships: The Energy of Romance

This training series includes:
e-Evaluation Form
This in-depth 10 section workbook can help you identify key subconscious issues that may be sabotaging you both in and around relationships. This information will provide direction during subsequent sessions. Later in the process, a re-evaluation can be done to measure improvements and find any issues that remain.

e-Session Guide
This guide has been designed to prepare you for ultimate communication with the subconscious mind during Body Code sessions. It assists in moving from section to section with focused intent to remove or improve issues identified during the initial evaluation. This also provides a place to store all updates and improvements.

Video Tutorials
These deep-dive training videos thoroughly and simply explain the Evaluation Form, section by section, as well as the Session Guide, for use in real time during your sessions in conjunction with The Body Code. These videos can prepare you to do an evaluation, follow-up sessions and a re-evaluation for yourself and anyone you work with.

Sample Session Videos
These recorded evaluations and follow-up sessions on real clients demonstrate how you can use the Resonating Relationships program effectively in varying situations and with varying client desires and histories. Learn to do an Evaluation, a first session, a second session and a re-evaluation later in the process.


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