The Body Code™ Introductory Video Series

The Body Code™ Introductory Video Series

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Take your understanding of energy healing one step further, as Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team demonstrate how to use this powerful tool. Gain the hands-on experience you need in order to identify and release energetic, emotional, structural, toxic, pathogenic, or body system imbalances. You’ll learn the premise behind The Body Code™, practice muscle testing techniques, learn about the Discover Healing mapping system and app, watch energy healing sample sessions, and more.

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Video 1: Understanding Energy
We’ll introduce you to The Body Code, and share the goal of this video series: to inspire and empower you on your wellness journey! Then, we’ll dive deeper into the world of energy, as Dr. Nelson explains:

  • How everything is made of energy
  • The vibrational frequencies of everything, including non-physical things
  • How energy translates into muscle testing responses
  • Muscle testing’s role in The Body Code

Plus enjoy one sample session with a volunteer, where Dr. Nelson demonstrates the use of The Body Code on a client experiencing physical discomfort.

Video 2: The Elegance of Simplicity
In the second video of the series, we’ll apply your newfound knowledge of energy to misalignments and imbalances in the body. Learn how to identify issues through the simple and easy-to-follow Body Code System. Delve deeper into:

  • The 6 areas mapped out in The Body Code
  • The Discover Healing app, and how it simplifies the identification of imbalances
  • How to follow the app to successfully identify any issue
  • Charts that are beautifully designed to help lead you through the system

Experience the Discover Healing app and charts in action, as Dr. Nelson demonstrates how to use it during a sample healing session.

Video 3: Empowering the Body
During the third video of the series, Dr. Nelson will empower you to use The Body Code to benefit the lives of you and others! Learn more about how to access your natural healing abilities. We’ll explore:

  • The purpose of The Body Code
  • New methods of muscle testing and tools to assist you
  • What a day in the life of a Body Code practitioner looks like
  • The certification process and the many benefits of certification

You’ll also observe as Dr. Nelson works with three volunteer participants, discussing recurring pain, immune function, allergic reactions, and more!

Video 4: Unlocking Your Potential
Leave this video series inspired to achieve your goals, empowered with the tools to take control of your life, and warmly invited to begin learning more through our certification programs! We’ll also touch upon:

  • A review of all the demonstration sessions performed throughout the video series
  • How to conduct sessions at a distance
  • Cautions and contraindications for using The Body Code

The final video in the series also demonstrates the versatility of this tool and the many instances in which The Body Code can be helpful. This is shown as Dr. Nelson works with four volunteers experiencing very different issues.


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