The Emotion Code® Introductory Video Series

The Emotion Code® Introductory Video Series

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Let us introduce you to The Emotion Code® and its power to help heal yourself and others by balancing energy in the body! Discover the tools and start on the path to taking control of your own health and happiness. You’ll learn the premise behind The Emotion Code, practice foundational techniques, watch energy healing demonstrations by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and more.

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The series includes four videos, with five sample healing sessions. Each video is about one hour in length. You’ll receive an understanding of The Emotion Code straight from Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team.

VIDEO 1: Explore the World of Energy

This is the first of four videos in The Emotion Code Introductory Series. In this video, Dr. Nelson begins with an introduction to the world of energy. You’ll learn how the body and our emotions are made up of pure, vibrating energy. Each emotion has its own unique vibrational frequency. Sometimes, emotions can become trapped within the body. Instead of moving through us the energy becomes stuck which can lead to physical and emotional issues. You’ll also be introduced to the Trapped Emotion flow chart and Emotion Code Chart of emotions, where you’ll learn our simple and effective way of locating these trapped energies within the body!

VIDEO 2: Access Your Inner Knowledge

In the second video of The Emotion Code Introductory Series, we build on everything you learned about the power of energy in video one! You will receive a thorough introduction to muscle testing, and how it can be used to find and release Trapped Emotions in the body. We believe our bodies hold vast stores of knowledge about what we need in order to heal, both physically and mentally. We use muscle testing to access that information, by bypassing the conscious mind and speaking directly to the subconscious. During this session you’ll learn and practice a few different methods of muscle testing, trying different tools and techniques to discover what works best for you.

VIDEO 3: Heal With Intention

Now that you’ve successfully learned how to locate trapped energies with muscle testing, you’re ready for the third video of The Emotion Code Introductory Series! In this session, you’ll learn how to release Trapped Emotions through the power of intention and magnetic energy. Dr. Nelson will discuss when and how to use magnets for energetic healing, and methods for successfully releasing energy. You will also learn about inherited Trapped Emotions, and how to release energies that have been passed down for generations. Finally, we’ll share information about becoming an Emotion Code practitioner, and how to take your energy healing journey one step further with our certification program.

VIDEO 4: Free Your Heart

In our fourth and final video of The Emotion Code Introductory Series, you’ll learn how using The Emotion Code can open your heart to love and gratitude. The heart is a powerful organ both physically and energetically. For those that have experienced hurt, the subconscious mind may form an energetic wall to protect against further heartache. We refer to this wall of energy as a “Heart-Wall.” Heart-Walls may hamper your ability to give and receive love and feel other positive emotions. In this video, you’ll learn how to remove this energetic barrier, releasing trapped energies holding you back from your fullest, most loving potential.


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