AmWell – Zero Point Technology

AmWell – Zero Point Technology

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Another very exciting new technology that is now available is called “zero-point” energy. Zero-point energy is the energy that surrounds and is between all the atoms and subatomic particles of the universe. Indeed, zero-point energy fills the immensity of space. Your body, like everything else that exists, is filled with this particular kind of energy.

It seems that certain crystals, when pressurized and treated in a particular way, resonate very powerfully with the frequency of zero-point energy. I have used zero-point devices with great success. Not only are the zero-point wands easy to use and very effective for releasing trapped emotions, they often have an astonishing ability to reduce discomfort and restore balance and function to imbalanced tissues.

I have witnessed enough success stories to know for myself that this is a very exciting technology that releases trapped emotions fully as well as any magnet, and often works to release discomfort and improve healing in many cases.

So what is zero point energy?
Albert Einstein said that all atoms vibrate, and he said that they get the energy to vibrate from the energy that fills the space around them; he called this space “nullpunktenergie” or zero point energy. Even in the vacuum of space, there is energy. The vacuum of space is filled with this specific kind of energy, zero point energy.

The Amega wand is a stainless steel cylinder containing an assortment of different crystals. Amega has come up with a process where, by subjecting this wand to 22 days in a special pressurized chamber, they are able to render this stainless steel cylinder into a very potent healing tool. There is an energy beam that extends out from the tip of the wand anywhere from 9 to 21 feet. The testing that I have done indicates that this beam stays fairly concentrated, and is more like a laser beam than a beam of light coming from a flashlight. Amega also sells a Pendant, which envelopes the entire body in a zero point energy field, a great device.

Remember that you do not have to purchase magnets or zero point devices to use The Emotion Code or The Body Code. On the other hand, these are tools that work and can provide relief from discomfort as well as being useful to release energetic imbalances.


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