Everything is energy, including emotions. When emotional energy is experienced, ideally we process that emotion and move through it, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes energy can become trapped in our bodies and cause physical discomfort, emotional distress, imbalance, and more. We call this stagnant emotional energy a Trapped Emotion™, and it is the most commonly found issue in The Emotion Code® and The Body Code!

Almost everyone has some kind of Trapped Emotion! We have all experienced challenging situations and traumatic events. It can be hard to move through those feelings. Depending on the emotions that are occurring in your body, and where they are located, they might present in a variety of different ways. You might not even realize you have Trapped Emotions or any of their symptoms. Recognizing that they may be holding you back is the first step in releasing them!

While Trapped Emotions may show up differently for each person, there are common experiences for those who are affected by stuck emotional baggage.

Common Symptoms of Trapped Emotions:

  • Having low self-esteem and not feeling confident in yourself
  • Your inner voice and self-talk is negative
  • Feeling easily aggravated and emotional
  • Unexplained aches, discomfort, or mysterious ailments you can’t find the cause of
  • Difficulty connecting to others on a deep level
  • Feeling stuck in behavior patterns, repeating the same issues over and over
  • Getting sick often, or experiencing a chronic illness
  • Feeling unworthy of love, or having a hard time believing that others truly care about you
  • Self-sabotaging yourself in your career, relationships, etc.

Every person has lived a unique life and will experience Trapped Emotions and their release differently. From how many emotions they’ll be able to release in one Emotion Code or Body Code session, to how they’ll feel afterward, and how many emotions they’ll need to clear to find relief from any issues they’re experiencing, every person has a different energy healing journey.

While not everyone may find a complete resolution of their issues by releasing Trapped Emotions, many Emotion Code and Body Code users have experienced tremendous release and relief. By releasing Trapped Emotions, you may be able to balance the body so it can regain its natural healing capabilities.

There Are Many Types of Trapped Emotions

Emotional Impact

Everyone experiences hard times, and some challenging experiences leave us with emotional scars. That emotional baggage can affect us in a wide variety of different ways. Trapped Emotions can have a dramatic effect on how you feel, how you think, and the choices you make. They can inhibit your ability to experience love, joy, gratitude, and connection, and will often contribute to distress in relationships, lack of confidence in careers, difficulty in achieving success, and more.

Physical Impact

Trapped Emotions can affect your physical wellness too. The body is made up of energy, and emotions also have an energetic vibration. When emotions are stuck within the body, they may have a negative impact on specific tissues or organs depending on where they become lodged. They can also disturb the overall balance of energy, influencing your body’s overall wellness. This can present physically in a wide variety of ways such as chronic aches, unexplained illnesses, or reoccurring physical discomfort.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

You don’t have to live with these heavy emotional energies trapped within you! The great news about Trapped Emotions is that they can be located, processed, and released. By releasing this energy, you can free yourself from what’s holding you back or causing you discomfort. One way to easily and quickly determine what Trapped Emotion you’re experiencing, and release it, is through The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Many clients experience dramatic changes in the way they feel, sometimes immediately after a session.

Begin unpacking your unwanted emotional baggage – for good

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