written by Stephanie Rakow

With The Body Code you are able to find imbalances much faster than any doctor ever could! For example, I found the cause of pain in my clients abdomen and it was a 7/10 on the pain scale. I found through testing that the underlying cause was an imbalance of her pancreas. But the underlying cause for the pancreas was an imbalance of her left shoulder bone and the cause for that was an imbalance of her leg nerve. There was another underlying cause, it was an imbalance of her big toe bone. I then had to release a trapped emotion to fix the toe bone and then I cleared all the imbalances in reverse order. Then the pain was gone!

My client then said, “Oh my! No doctor would have found that, and if I had gone to a doctor, I had first to see an internist, then to an orthopedist, then to a neurologist, and finally to the psychiatrist. And no one would have found the reasons for all these imbalances, because they just see and think in their specialty. It would have taken me a year to visit all the different doctors and cost a lot of money.”

Some time later she came to me with a migraine headache and ear pain. I found the underlying cause in The Body Code, it was in her bone marrow. Then I went again through The Body Code to find which bone marrow and it let me to the middle ear. I had just to bring the bone marrow of the middle ear back into balance and the pain was gone.

She said again: “No doctor would have found these underlying causes!”

These things happen every day and I am so grateful for The Body Code, and that it leads us to all causes of illnesses.

author bio:
I am a physical therapist in Germany and work now only with The Body Code, because it is much faster and effective. Visit my website for more information.