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Help Others Find Relief From Physical and Emotional Distress

 Become an Emotion Code® Certified Practitioner in just months with our self-paced online Certification Program


Go deeper than the symptoms. Heighten your understanding of energy healing and how it can address the root cause of suffering. Gain experience as you work with practice clients.


Experience the power of The Emotion Code® with your own personal energy healing breakthroughs as you use the technique on yourself and others during this self-paced online course.


Discover freedom in your work life by earning extra income working with clients from wherever you are once you can add CECP (Certified Emotion Code Practitioner) to your signature.

The Emotion Code®


When you enroll, you will…

  • Get immediate access to videos, readings, and quizzes

  • Receive guidance from the experts

  • Get hands-on experience with practice clients

In just months, you’ll graduate from the program with the confidence and experience of a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. You’ll have the ability – and the credentials – to help others find relief from emotional and physical distress.

Oh, and the extra benefit? You’ll be able to earn money by charging your future clients for your services!

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Guide to Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery

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This bonus guide will teach you how to…

  • Recognize when someone is resistant to energy healing, and how to resolve the underlying causes of their imbalances.

  • Blast through issues that don’t go away even after several sessions, or issues that return quickly.

  • Eliminate intense processing symptoms and stop sabotage around the energy healing process.

  • Dive deep into the toughest issues you or your clients are dealing with by using the included visualization guide.

The Guide to Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery

This guide will take your practice to the next level! Help yourself and help others tackle what might be holding them back from full energy healing.

Enroll today for access to this FREE bonus!

Enrollment Fee: $997  + Bonus Worth: $197 = $1194 Value

You Pay Just $997

Are you ready

to take your energy healing path?


  • You are ready to break past the negative blocks that have kept you from achieving your ultimate life.
  • You feel drawn to helping others and are looking for a simple and effective solution.
  • You want to create more income through fulfilling, love-driven work you can do from anywhere!
  • You want to learn how to do it all without setting foot in a classroom.

What does it take to become a certified energy healer?

Good news! There are NO prerequisites to fulfill in order to begin the process of becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. You just have to be ready to make a positive change.

Your self-paced program requirements:

  • Submit tuition payment*
  • Electronically sign and submit the Emotion Code Certification Program Participation Agreement
  • Submit a Student Bio
  • Complete the e-learning videos, readings, and quizzes in 10 instruction modules
  • Read The Emotion Code Book
  • Perform sessions and complete a Student Portfolio to document your work
  • Electronically sign and submit the Emotion Code Practitioner Agreement

Remember: Enroll today for access to this FREE bonus!

Our Guide to Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery will help you and your clients overcome resistance issues that may stand in their way. Today, it’s included at no cost with your Emotion Code Certification Program.

Enrollment Fee: $997  + Bonus Worth: $197 = $1194 Value

Today You Pay Just $997

Our graduates love their new careers

“The support in the certification program is excellent, the layout is simple, easy to use and very in-depth. I’m not sure I could recount all the ways my life has changed.”

Brigitte Emery, Ontario, Canada

“Being a Certified Practitioner has allowed people from all over the world to connect with me and begin their energy healing journey. I now have a practice that is growing month on month to a level where (after only 6 months) it is already bringing in a significant financial contribution to our household.”

Hazel Markou, Aberdeenshire, UK

“All my life I wanted to be able to help people. After doing many energy based modalities, I think I have found my calling. I know that I am finally helping people from the inside out.”

Miles Albrecht, Alberta, Canada