Emotion Code and Body Code Seminar | Bucharest, Romania | 2024

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Emotion Code and Body Code Seminar in Bucharest, Romania

Join Dr. Bradley Nelson in Bucharest, Romania for an Emotion Code and Body Code Seminar! Start your energy healing journey with the Emotion Code and Body Code at this exciting seminar in Romania’s capital city. Discover the most comprehensive natural energy healing tool ever created. It is an energetic balancing system designed to help you discover the root causes of illness, discomfort, and suffering in body and spirit.

If you want to discover your healing powers and fully live your true potential – this course is for you!

In this hands-on seminar taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, you will…

  • Find out everything you need to know to start getting rid of imbalances and trapped emotions

  • Gain hands-on experience during sessions and discussions

  • Activate your body’s natural ability to heal and discover how to identify the imbalances that can lead to physical symptoms

  • Learn to ask your subconscious questions about your health or the health of others – and get the answers – using muscle testing

  • Discover how to manifest health, vitality, and abundance in all aspects of your life

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