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How did your Emotion Code certification prepare you to become a Body Code Practitioner?
It helped me to become comfortable working with clients, setting up a schedule, accepting payments, and especially in validating my skills as an energy healer. My confidence grew through the process.

Do you feel The Body Code certification program prepared you to take clients?
Yes, without a doubt.

Do you have any Body Code session stories of helping a client with their issue and could you outline the highlights of what you did to fix them, not everything you found, but the highlights?
My first client was in her first pregnancy and had just started her second trimester when she asked for help in dealing with her morning sickness. She’d been experiencing nausea and vomiting throughout the pregnancy and had not been able to eat normally for weeks.

In her first session, we found there was a spirit disconnection from the fetus to the mother. We reconnected them by releasing a few energies. Her vomiting stopped after that first session and her nausea subsided greatly. She also told me she felt a stronger bond with the baby and also felt him/her moving more.

A few days later, she notified me that her nausea had come back strongly; it rated a 7 out of 10. She was not able to call in for an energy session so I worked on her alone. I found the same disconnection from fetus to mother that I found in the first session. I found trapped emotions of Nervousness and Worry that contributed to the disconnection. After releasing the energies, my client instant messaged me saying, “My nausea is at a 2.” She attributed her nervousness and worry to anxiety she was feeling about the delivery. Her morning sickness has been under control ever since this session.

Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming Body Code certified?
I have noticed my confidence growing as my clients see health improvements and my intuition has become sharper. I’ve learned to ask better questions to find what the subconscious wants us to know. I also find I don’t always understand why I get the imbalances that show up but as I continue to look for the underlying cause, it then makes sense.

How about your clients, do you notice a difference in them in comparison to when you just use The Emotion Code?
I find they have a new level of appreciation for what The Body Code offers and my ability to tune in to what their body wants to tell us. They are often amazed at what we find and at times find it a reflection of what they’d been thinking. What shows up then validates their trust in me for having found it.

In your experience what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
Before I found The Body Code, I had tried a few other energy healing modalities. I was intrigued but not wowed. I chose to become a certified Practitioner in The Body Code because I could get results with my clients similar to that of Dr. Brad. I found The Body Code excelled at its depth in finding and correcting health imbalances, and it quickly achieved results, while being easy tof use.

Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified?
Yes! And I say that as a nurse with 30 years experience. This work has expanded my knowledge of how to work with both acute and chronic illness. I’ve learned things I was not taught in nursing school such as how low back pain may be a symptom of caffeine toxicity, or how organs can short out,  like a blown fuse, or how morning sickness indicates a disconnection between the mother and fetus.

This is the first time I’ve practiced energy healing. I am passionate about how I can help others and about how this work can influence change in Western medicine.

Would you encourage Emotion Code practitioners to learn Body Code, and why?
Yes. Introducing The Body Code opens up so many more doors. It will expand your healing practice, give you more tools to work with your existing clients and you do not have to be a licensed professional to use it. The Body Code Mind Maps are brilliant in guiding you through the process.

If you are a licensed professional you will be amazed at the new insights you will have in using the Mind Maps. I love that it removes the guesswork on what holistic remedies or treatment plan a person may need. This program will give you proven techniques that can absolutely change someone’s life for the better.

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