What drives your passion for energy healing? Why do you love doing what you do?

I have always cared deeply about ‘helping people’. This motivation fueled my former career as a nurse. When I discovered the possibilities and effectiveness of energy healing I was first amazed, then captivated, and inspired to pursue and share this work each day. My husband was very skeptical. However, when he listened to others responding during my case studies for certification about the results they experienced, he became a vocal supporter! So supportive, he has recently become an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner in his own right!

I worked with one lady who said, “I already went through this with a Repattterning practitioner.” Unfortunately, her cells still carried the energy. Both The Emotion Code and The Body Code are so fast, simple and efficient in finding and releasing stuck emotions and energies. With Body Code, her cells released the energy permanently.

Another stunned client said to me, “How did you know that? I didn’t tell you about that.” My answer it that I found it with The Body Code! We went on to release the underlying causes for the misalignment for which she had recently started seeing a chiropractor! This modality often provides quick, profound and transformative results.

It is satisfying and rewarding to wake up loving my work, being able to connect with people around the world, and most of all feeling grateful for making a genuine difference in the lives of my clients.

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Body Code?

Keep it simple, as it was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Adopt a simple paradigm or framework for your practice of this work. Develop your sensitivity and confidence with muscle testing through repetition by asking a question with a definite yes or no answer. Ask clear questions, and keep your mind open to whatever answer shows up. It’s not always what you would ‘expect.’ Remember the brain is like a muscle that needs to be trained!

If you are concerned about muscle testing, start by releasing troubling emotions you are experiencing daily as they happen, so they do not become trapped! Identify the emotion as “I am feeling ____” and release it.

Don’t forget to ask, “Does this belong to me?” The emotion or energy may not even be yours!

Here is a true story. After visiting a relative, I was driving away feeling really ‘down.’ I was not feeling that way before the visit and realized I had picked something up from a member of the household. How wonderful to be able to release it with the Body Code and feel the relief immediately!

Why have you found being a Body Code Practitioner so valuable in your personal life?

I have a powerful healing tool at my fingertips! Life challenges will happen. Being able to address personal and family needs immediately is invaluable.

May I share a personal story? Upon waking one morning, my right eye was very red, painful, and would not open. I was supposed to drive to a full day of training that was an hour away on busy roads. I would have to miss this training, which I did not want to do. I immediately began working with The Body Code and released trapped emotions and other energies. By the time I needed to leave, I was able to open my eye and see much better, at least well enough to drive. I continued working during class breaks, and by the end of the day, my eye was back to normal! I could see clearly, with no redness, and no pain! How incredible is that!

There is also a wonderful community of practitioners! Connect with, share with and support each other online!

Do you have any success stories or testimonials that you’d like to share with us?

I have so many wonderful stories to tell about this incredible work. Where to start? I was working with a 4-year-old autistic boy communicating via his mother. In one session, we cleared constipation he was having! At the end of the session his mother appeared to be in shock. She was shocked that we were clearing emotions that her son absorbed from his mother and father, so much so that they decided to change parenting strategies! What a blessing for that boy!

Another story is about my cat. Tinker was accidentally trapped under a heavy deck chair that was moved and caught against her abdominal skin. Naturally, after that she became hyper-reactive when she heard a chair shift and would run away in a panic. After releasing the emotions of shock and panic from her, she calmed down. Now when a chair is shifted, very carefully, she looks up at us cautiously but calmly. Yesterday, 7 dogs moved in next door. Tinker started refusing to go outside. We released shock, panic and fear from her before she would come outside with us! Now she will play outside on her own!

One client with a major depressive disorder rated her depression at “7” on a zero to ten scale. After several sessions she stated her level of depression was now “4” on the scale. I replied, “At least there is some movement and shifting in your depression.” She replied, “You don’t understand. My depression has been at a level 7 for TEN YEARS, and this was the first thing that has made any difference! Even the medications did not do that.” Under supervision of her physician, she progressively tapered her medications, and has been medication free now for one year!

Do you practice any other modalities or healing work along with The Body Code? Please describe!

I began my energy healing awareness learning Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. Later, in dealing with my lifelong allergies, I became a Certified NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) practitioner, and was able to get rid of my allergies to cats, seasonal allergies, and more! Did you know you can be allergic to people too! Working with (NAET) I became acutely aware of the influence of emotions on our state of health, allergies and dis-ease. This led me to The Emotion Code and later The Body Code.
In my Body Code practice, I kept getting taken to “Needs a T3 Session.” I was fortunate to have met Gwen Legler and Leilani Alexander at the 2013 Body Code Seminar. I felt compelled to study Three Dimensional Therapy, and became a certified practitioner in 2016! Deep healing is possible clearing faulty core belief systems, and creating empowering new ones.

Recently I have become a Human Design Specialist. Each of us has a unique blueprint that can guide us to empowering strategies in making big life decisions about work, relationships and where to live. I often see my Body Code clients struggling. With Human Design I can help them understand themselves better, reasons they are facing certain challenges, and teach them strategies that will help them make better decisions and get heard!

What excites you most about being involved in the field of natural health care?

With TEC and TBC we recognize the energetic basis of dis-ease, and have a powerful tool to release and clear out the offending emotions, toxins and energies.

Westernized medical care is absolutely necessary for emergency and trauma care. The medical profession has been shifting away from CARING to a narrower view and ‘evidence based care,’ similar to using a cookbook. There is much that still needs to be studied and understood, and energy healing is more challenging to research.

Future research will provide increasing evidence of what EC and BC practitioners know – that energy medicine works!

Consumers want choices and are frequently turning to alternative healing modalities, often when they have not been able to find relief through conventional means. Energy medicine choices are growing, and I believe The Emotion Code and The Body Code will become well known worldwide.

In recent years, exciting research is being published on neuroplasticity, meaning, you are literally reforming your brain with each passing day. Many studies show you can change your neural wiring. One example is Dr. Michael Merzenish PhD, a neuroscientist, whose prominent research has contributed to this revolutionary new understanding.

Proving the ‘unseen’ will always draw skeptics. The work of scientists, such as biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, about how what our emotions and beliefs impact our cellular health – is now understood as “epigenetics.” Scientist, scholar and author, Gregg Braden, bridges science, spirituality and the real world. Others will support the groundswell of demand and recognition for the alternative healing modalities.

Energy healers realize that “One size does not fit all,” and the underlying causes of a client issue may vary widely from one person to the next. Knowing a simple method such as The Emotion Code and Body Code for clearing and aligning our energy to live our highest expression of ourselves is priceless.

What is your specialty, if any?

I specialize in working with people to recognize and reclaim their happiness – live happier in physical, mental, emotional, relationship and abundant aspects of their lives!

Within this I specialize in relationships, helping couples to revitalize their relationship, to overcome obstacles and rediscover the love and joy that brought them together.

How can a potential client get in touch with you to schedule a consultation or a session?

You can email, telephone, or schedule online!

Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner
Mentored by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Healers Library team
Certified T3-Three Dimensional Therapy Practitioner
Certified NAET practitioner
Human Design Specialist
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