• Level 1 Certification: The Emotion Code

    USD $997.00+ tax
    Become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner in less than 6 months with our easy and fun self-paced certification program. You’ll learn through our online course, reading the Emotion Code book, taking quizzes, and hands-on experience by doing sessions with practice clients. You’ll then be able to legally charge for your services once you are certified. You’ll have 6 months from the date of purchasing the program to complete all requirements and achieve certification.*
  • Dramatically expand your knowledge, grow your intuitive abilities, master concepts and discover your full potential as a Level 2: The Body Code Certified Practitioner! Our newly updated course gives you an expert understanding of the 6 imbalances, and how they can impact overall well-being. By taking the next step in your energy healing education you could get more clients, help more people and even make more money! [You must complete Level 1 Certification: The Emotion Code® before enrolling in this program and a subscription to the Body Code System is also required.]
  • Access profound, holistic energy healing as a Level 3: Belief Code® Certified Practitioner! This groundbreaking new course builds on foundational concepts taught in the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™. Expand your energy healing abilities to address the faulty, negative beliefs that could be impacting every aspect of your life. This new system makes it easy for practitioners to trace a belief system down to its roots, and unearth unwanted, incongruent ideas at their starting point! Provide more complete care to your clients, gain new customers, and expand your energy healing business as a Belief Code Certified Practitioner. [You must complete Level 1 Certification: The Emotion Code® and Level 2 Certification: The Body Code™ before enrolling in this program. A subscription to the Body Code System App is also required.] Level 3 Belief Code Certification is only available in English and German at this time.