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  • You could learn to release your Heart-Wall and heal your blocks to loving fully and deeply with Your Open Heart training series. This includes 4 streaming videos intended to teach you all about the Heart-Wall and how it may be affecting you. You’ll also receive training on how you could stay Heart-Wall free, experience true love and joy, and protect your heart in healthy ways.
  • This 10 part transformational video series could help you discover the secrets to energetic harmony and conscious awareness. Learn about how to ask the right questions for lasting results and reveal your path to success, higher vibrational relationships and enlightenment. You can unblock your heart, let go of negative emotions from your past, and live fully and peacefully in the present as you unleash your intuitive gifts and manifest more abundance. Dr. Bradley Nelson reveals his most valuable secrets to energetic harmony and conscious awareness during this 10 part online training video series including downloadable transcripts. *Includes 10 hours of streaming online video training & transcripts.
  • Keep your two Emotion Code® tools in one place with this handy refrigerator magnet with The Emotion Code® Chart of Emotions on it! Size: 3x5 inches (7.62 x 12.7 centimeters)
  • You could break through your biggest abundance blocks one by one, opening the door to a happier and more abundant life! This state of the art training series contains in-depth ONLINE audio/video recordings of actual sessions that could help you master the art of removing subconscious blocks to wealth and success. Includes a Comprehensive Evaluation Form and a Step-by-Step Session Guide to using The Body Code™ 2.0 to help take yourself and others from financial struggle to a life of abundance and success. [REQUIRES THE BODY CODE™ SYSTEM]
  • You Could Create Deep, True Love – Harnessing the Power of The Body Code™. This breakthrough training series guides you through identifying exactly what you might need in order to end sabotage around relationships, so you can perform targeted energy healing using The Body Code. You could finally create and nurture the relationships you really want! Includes in-depth ONLINE audio/video recordings of actual sessions performed by expert Body Code Practitioner, Natalie Nelson. The Comprehensive Evaluation Form and Step-by-Step Session Guide to using The Body Code™ 2.0 makes it possible for you to master the art of removing blocks to love and romance. [REQUIRES THE BODY CODE™ SYSTEM]
  • This Guide to Resolving Subconscious Resistance to Recovery is designed to help you recognize when someone is resistant to energy healing, and learn to resolve the underlying causes of that resistance.
  • This Comprehensive Issue Clearing Guide is designed to teach you how to identify your own potential problems, so you can work on finding and clearing them all.
  • In this Guide to Creating Your Dream Life, we’ll address how to identify the life you want and stay clear of resistance while you work on achieving your goals.
  • The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness (Updated and Expanded). Foreword by Tony Robbins. The Emotion Code® is a simple and elegant solution that empowers you to find and remove the potentially damaging Trapped Emotions that may get in the way of your health and happiness. This updated and expanded version of the classic on energy healing is designed to equip you with everything you need to find greater happiness, better health, and more connected and loving relationships.