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Heal your body, mind & soul with The Emotion Code™

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson after more than 20 years as a holistic healer and teacher, The Emotion Code helps you alleviate physical pain, heal emotional wounds, restore love to relationships, and break through the blocks that are sabotaging you so you can live the life you were meant to live.

The Revolutionary 4-Step Healing Formula


the simple four-part method that is healing thousands of people like you across the world–every single day!


the hidden subconscious barriers contributing to your pain, disease, and emotional trauma, in order to find lasting health and happiness!


dangerous negative energies effortlessly, using world-renowned energy healer Dr. Bradley Nelson’s signature healing method: The Emotion Code.


yourself of emotional and physical imbalance, and get a taste firsthand of how The Emotion Code is put into practice.

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You can use The Emotion Code to:

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  • discover your innate healing super power (everyone has it)

The Emotion Code

[ih-moh-shuh n kohd]

a simple yet powerful method of finding and releasing the trapped energies that inhabit your body: the Trapped Emotions that are limiting you and are affecting your ability to feel love and joy, and to create success.

Are Emotions From the Past Still Holding You Back?

Are you struggling under the weight of something you can’t quite define?

Do you have an uneasy feeling that your present is somehow being held hostage by your past? It isn’t your imagination — many of the negative emotions you’ve felt in your life, no matter how long ago, may still be creating problems for you in subtle yet very damaging ways

That’s because the energy of these emotions has literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and keeping you trapped in patterns of pain, sorrow, failure, and heartbreak.

What will it do for you?

The Emotion Code will allow you to take back your life, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that your Trapped Emotions are exerting upon you.

Many Emotion Code users have had great success with…

Alleviate pain & suffering

Much of your suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become trapped within you, affecting not only your mind but your body. That’s because the energy of your Trapped Emotions alters the health and harmony of your body.

Negative emotions vibrate at frequencies that create conditions for disease, pain, and afflictions of all kinds to take hold. The Emotion Code is a simple way for you to release negative trapped energies that disturb your energy field, providing an opportunity to heal your body, mind and spirit.

The Emotion Code is something you can do to get rid of your emotional baggage so you can feel good and be well.

Remove barriers to love and increase your ability to connect

When your emotions become too much to bear, your subconscious mind can create what’s known as a “Heart-Wall” — an invisible wall of emotional energy around your heart. People create these without consciously realizing they are doing it.

If you’ve been hurt, your subconscious mind will use the energy of Trapped Emotions as a barrier over your heart to protect you against additional heartache and pain. In fact, your subconscious mind will layer your emotional baggage over your heart. The problem is, the energy gets stuck there and causes problems long-term.

Having a Heart-Wall can numb you to feeling positive emotions. When you want to feel love for others and have good feelings, if those feelings need to penetrate through layer upon layer of negative trapped energy, it makes feeling anything difficult.

Trapped Emotions stifle your ability to give and receive love, which sabotages your relationships. The Emotion Code empowers you to remove the layers of trapped negative emotions that make up your Heart-Wall, piece by piece. Doing so opens and frees your heart, enabling you to feel love, and give and receive love more easily — and find (and keep) your soulmate!

Create more abundance and open the door to your success

Trapped Emotions not only block your ability to feel love, they can greatly affect your ability to create abundance and success.

Using The Emotion Code to uncover your Trapped Emotions and unravel the story about how they became trapped can harness your creative energy, and even help you breakthrough money blocks, allowing success and abundance to flow more freely.

The world in which we live has abundant opportunity for each of us, yet we only achieve what we believe we can achieve. When you clear away negative emotional energy, your perspective changes. You may see more opportunity. New ideas may flow, new enthusiasm will flourish and you may find yourself doing things you never thought of before.

Clearing negative energy from hurtful past events enables you to be free in present time instead of reacting to the past.

Be the you that is free to do more; create more with a new voice, a new heart, and more energy to contribute with your own unique gifts. It’s time to open the door of opportunity.

Heal yourself and the generations that have gone before — and those yet to come

Some of the Trapped Emotions you carry and the pain you feel isn’t even your own. Just like you can inherit your eye color or body type, the energy of Trapped Emotions can be inherited from parents, grandparents, or even ancestors from centuries ago.

Some Trapped Emotions are very intense energies so they get passed down at conception. Negative energies like these can really derail your life, causing problems that you may never have understood and that may not be easily solved without The Emotion Code.

You can heal yourself, your children and even the spirits of your ancestors using The Emotion Code, which can clear a lot of your pain and suffering from your lineage.

Doing The Emotion Code enables you to break chains of emotional trauma for future generations as you clear things that will no longer be able to be passed down. You can be the catalyst to heal your family tree of inherited Trapped Emotions and prevent injury as new babies are born into your family line.

Be able to help your pets and other animals

Did you know that The Emotion Code is not only a healing resource for people but has also been found helpful with animals. The Emotion Code is very handy to know how to use when you have issues with a pet.

When your dog or cat or horse has a problem, chances are there’s something emotional involved. Animals can be loved like family members for many of us. It’s no small thing to be able to work with them; to clear Trapped Emotions that contribute to their health problems and undesirable behaviors and clear the underlying causes away.

You will see the results and your pet will love receiving the benefits.

Why should I use The Emotion Code?

Here are some of the things we hear frequently from people just like you after using The Emotion Code.

I’m more emotionally connected than ever before.

I have more of a sense of belonging.

I feel so happy.

The anxiety is gone.

I feel positive emotions more easily.

I feel love for the first time in my life.

The pain that I had for years in my shoulder is gone.

I’m off of the medications now. Feeling so much better.

My husband is doubling his income this year, what a blessing.

I feel light and free, like a weight has been lifted.

I have more peace of mind.

I’m sleeping better and I have more energy.

My digestion has improved.

I helped my daughter to heal; she’s no longer depressed and her baby is happier because momma is happy.

My dog that we thought we’d lost is healed and happy again.

We saved our relationship when we thought our marriage was over.

We hear this type of feedback every day!

These “whys” are the reasons we do what we do here at Discover Healing.

These are the reasons you want The Emotion Code in your life.

The sooner you learn to use it, the sooner you will be experiencing results like these.

The Emotion Code is something to embrace and use regularly.

The Emotion Code is here to make things better for you.


How Does it Work?

Knowledge of the human energy field goes back thousands of years through many cultures around the world.

The Emotion Code builds on these ancient teachings by providing a framework for understanding how Trapped Emotions cause blockages or imbalances in your energy field, and by utilizing a simple yet profoundly powerful way to remove and clear energies from you for good.

The key to The Emotion Code lies in two important concepts:

Accessing Your Subconscious Knowledge Through Muscle Testing

And Basic Principles of Energy Medicine

Access Your Subconscious Knowledge Through Muscle Testing

The wisdom of the body is not held in the conscious, active mind, but in the subconscious mind, where the record of every experience, thought, feeling, or memory you’ve ever had is stored. The subconscious mind exerts an unseen yet profound influence over the things we do and how we behave and feel — and it’s also keenly aware of exactly what your body needs to get well. To access these vast stores of knowledge, we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. This is where muscle testing comes in.
Muscle testing allows us to get answers from the subconscious mind about our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a simple, non-invasive method to determine the underlying causes of problems and afflictions — including identifying everything you need to know consciously about your Trapped Emotions so that you can clear them away.

Learn more about Muscle Testing

Learn the Basic Principles of Energy Medicine

To understand how healing works through the use of The Emotion Code, it’s important to recognize this truth: The body is made up of pure energy. Every organ, every bit of tissue … indeed, every cell of the body is made up of energy. But there’s more. All of the non-physical aspects of yourself — your thoughts, your beliefs, your memories, your emotions — are also made up of energy. When viewed from this energetic standpoint, you can see just how easy it really is to affect change, and how true and lasting healing really is possible.

But not all energy is created equal. While the energy of a vibrant, loving and happy person with positive emotions vibrates at high and healthy frequencies, likewise the energy of a fearful, angry or shame-based person has negative energy that registers at a much lower vibration. Emotions of all types have been measured and calibrated on a scale. Negative Trapped Emotions or their low frequencies have been found to cause pain and sickness. That’s why it’s vitally important that you identify and release your trapped emotional energies to restore health and vitality to yourself to bring your vibration up.

Thousands of cases have shown us the direct impact on specific areas where a Trapped Emotion had been residing in the body’s energy field. Upon the release of a Trapped Emotion, pain usually decreases dramatically in that area and bodily functions improve. Sometimes pain vanishes completely. The Emotion Code will teach you how to identify and release Trapped Emotions to restore balance and create energetic harmony to your body, mind and spirit once again.

With The Emotion Code, you’ll discover:

You Can Do This!

The beauty of The Emotion Code is that while it is an incredibly powerful tool for emotional healing, the method is so simple that just about anyone can do it, literally — even a child. The reality is, you are a powerful being, fully capable of doing things that may lie far beyond your wildest dreams.

With The Emotion Code, you will learn that YOU have the power to heal, and YOU can help yourself and those around you to be free of pain and suffering — both physically and emotionally — in this very simple yet very profound, life-changing way. The reality is, you are already self-healing. The Emotion Code just helps you to identify and clear specific negative energies away that are sabotaging your well being. The Emotion Code helps you to be free of painful emotional baggage so you can be your best self.

About the Author

Dr. Bradley Nelson is a renowned holistic physician, author and lecturer, sharing his message of emotional healing to audiences worldwide. He has trained thousands to use The Emotion Code in live seminars, webinars and online.

“Dr. Brad” has been teaching and sharing enlightening concepts about healing since 1998. He is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine, having gained what he teaches while in his practice as a holistic chiropractic physician, craniopath, medical intuitive, and energy healer for many years. Now he hopes to share these concepts with you.

In the words of Dr. Brad:

“It has been a goal of mine for many years to teach people how to balance their own bodies and improve their own health. The Emotion Code is helping to fulfill this dream.”

I Feel Much Better Now that My Heart-Wall is Gone

“I had a Heart-Wall. I have felt more feelings of peace since it has been removed. I feel more connected to my husband and children. Feelings of gratitude and abundance are more present.”

Gretchen D

Genuinely happy now that I’m pursuing this path

“I feel great. I don’t get triggered anymore. Things don’t bother me and I’m way less stressed out. I genuinely feel happy for the first time in a long time and I’m just happy and excited to do The Emotion Code work.”

Nathan Arnott

The Emotion Code Helps Parents Help Their Kids

“I have used The Emotion Code on my daughter to release trapped emotions of abandonment and low self esteem that were causing her neck pain. It’s amazing to be able to release this energy to help her.”

Rachele S

I’m feeling like myself again

“I was very depressed and down. The first session changed all I’d ever believed and the effect was – woowwww. After this, I’ve gone from very sad, feeling back to myself. My EC practitioner, Margit resolved a lot of emotions, step by step. I read the book and began to heal myself at home and it works. I’m grateful.”

Hannes Pitzer

The Emotion Code Does Wonders

“For me, personally, using The Emotion Code has helped relieve pain in my knee, back, and many other places. It has done wonders for me!”

Maren S

Challenge of Starting School Turns into Excitement

“My son was having stomach aches every day for the first two months of First Grade. After a few sessions with The Emotion Code, his stomach aches were gone. He actually started to look excited about going to school. I was so thrilled!”

Stacy R

Finally, an amazing, energizing night of sleep

“I was not sleeping well and I found out I had trapped emotions. After clearing them out I had an amazing night of sleep and woke up the next day more energized than I had been in a long time.”

Aaron H

The Emotion Code Helped Me Heal My Aunt

“In the summer I visited my 90 year old aunt. She told me that she couldn’t raise her right arm. She could only lift it 10 centimeters from her side. I released 9 emotions. When we met again the following day she told me that she could raise her arm to her shoulder. It was the first time that month that she slept thru the night. I released some more emotions. When she went to her heart specialist a few weeks later he told her that her heart was much better. He couldn’t explain why this happened.”

Petra N

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