No matter how much you’ve suffered in the past, you can break free and finally move forward


This video is the first of an eight-part series from Discover Healing. This video series is the perfect way for beginners to learn more about energy healing using The Emotion Code and The Body Code. These two super powerful, yet extremely simple tools can help you to locate and release Trapped Emotions and other imbalances throughout the body. These tools could help you feel better emotionally and physically — all on your own.

If you have questions about the things you’re learning in these videos, you can chat with a certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner today, with our live chat feature.

Dr. Nelson created these simple tools for performing energy work to help everyone, all over the world. In this video, Dr. Nelson briefly describes how The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ are used. We all struggle from time to time. You may feel like something is missing in your life, that you’re lacking the energy and joy you once had, or a number of other discomforts in body and mind. So many of us struggle to find solutions in western medicine. While certain approaches may alleviate these symptoms for a time, many of us are still searching for a solution to the root cause of these issues.



The Emotion Code and The Body Code Were Created to Give All of Us Access to Mind and Body Wellness Through Energy Healing

The Emotion Code and The Body Code may help you find the mind and body wellness you seek. Maybe you’re dealing with physical distress, constantly feel tired, or seem easily “triggered.” Perhaps you’re living with stressful or unfulfilling relationships. These are all very common problems, but anyone can use The Emotion Code and The Body Code to access the benefits of energy healing.

Dr. Nelson Believes There Are Four Main Reasons We “Choose” to Live With Discomfort:
Using techniques from The Emotion Code and The Body Code have helped people with problems like back trouble, sadness, anxiousness, loss of energy, digestive issues, self-sabotage, relationship struggles, painful memories, and even money problems.

If you feel like this could be you, you’re not alone. We all have these problems – but the good news is that overcoming them is easier than you many think.

To resolve these problems, you need to squash the root cause, not just the symptoms. Finding energy imbalances within the body could help you locate the root cause of many problems. If western medicine hasn’t resolved your problems, then maybe it’s time to look for something else.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are completely safe and non-invasive. Energy work may be the solution you need to get past certain challenges in your life.

The next video – Everything Is Energy – will discuss the secrets of ancient energy healers and give you a brief run through of energy healing and how it has been used for centuries, all over the world, to help others feel better both physically and emotionally.

“I am much more relaxed and the anger that had been stored up all these years dissipated into nothing. I am even more open than before and can see things from a wider spectrum, from the heart. I can feel again and I can cry again if I need too. My feelings are not stuck anymore but the most important thing for me is to be able to feel again. I can feel my heart again!! And I can discern what belongs to me and what does not! That’s an important gift!”

Jacqueline K., GERMANY




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  • Achieve energetic balance when you remove Trapped Emotions, internalized trauma & more

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Watch this 55-minute video, Discover The Emotion Code: Energy Healing 101 to learn how The Emotion Code can help you alleviate symptoms of discomfort by releasing Trapped Emotions.

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