written by Kimberly Dornbush

I am writing a personal story about my first grandchild. I have performed Emotion Code and Body Code sessions on my daughter and her child while still in the womb. My daughter was very sick while pregnant.

My daughter broke out in a rash all over her body while pregnant. She was miserable the whole time because she refused to give up fatty foods while pregnant. She had her gallbladder taken out when she was 15 so she can no longer process fat. Her fatty diet was overloading her liver and the only way it could detox was through the skin in the form of a very itchy rash.

Her baby came 7 weeks early, I think it just wanted out of that stressful environment. I immediately started doing Emotion Code and Body Code sessions on him since he had to stay in the hospital for 6 weeks and was only held a few minutes a day.

What I discovered during these sessions really surprised and shocked me.

He already had a Heart-Wall, discovering this broke my heart. He has had so many absorbed and inherited emotions – it’s shocking to discover how much can get passed on from a parent and their ancestors. I am still releasing trapped emotions on him and he is only 8 weeks old. I believe he is still absorbing so much of his parents trapped energy just being in their presence.

This goes to show how many trapped emotions a little baby can have before they even enter into this life. The parents stress gets absorbed by the baby, not only in the womb, but the whole time they are growing up. This is why it is so important to use The Emotion Code and The Body Code whenever you can.

I would have never realized that a brand new baby could have so many trapped emotions and a Heart-Wall right from the start. He has had a hard time sleeping and has tummy issues but with each session he is getting better and better.

This whole ordeal has given me a better understanding of why some kids have so many problems at such an early age and why they have so much anger and depression. Trapped emotions can manifest in so many different ways.

I would love to start working with troubled kids and give them a second chance by using The Emotion Code and The Body Code on them. I really believe this could change their whole life and I am so grateful to have found this fabulous work by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

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