written by Susan Bell, CECP

Like many couples, I began my research after we found out that we were expecting our first baby. I became educated on many aspects of pregnancy. My husband and I went to a birth education class called the Bradley Method. In this class, I learned about nutrition, the affects of drugs in labor on the mom and baby, what hormones do in labor, what are emergencies, and ways to relax during contractions, and more! This was a great start for me. I knew what I wanted out of my birth and I had substantial reasons why I wanted to birth without oxytocin or an epidural.

I ate well, I followed the Brewers Diet, which helps you to get the proper nutrients that your body needs to reduce chances of complications. Did you know that just by eating well and avoiding things like aspartame, food coloring in foods, and preservatives that you can better prevent labor complications?

What my OB and midwife did not know was that I was also using The Emotion Code and The Body Code throughout my pregnancy to keep my pregnancy running smoothly. I used it during labor and to help my baby in any way she needed after she was born. In the book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, Karol K. Truman states that, “many of our feelings were established before we were born. We were sensitive to the feelings our parents were experiencing during our gestational period. These feelings often caused us to establish incorrect perceptions and beliefs at the time they were being experienced.”, thus, the parents attitudes during the pregnancy toward the baby and each other impact the baby, both physically and emotionally. The birth experience itself also can very influential. The more traumatic the birth, the higher correlation with physiological and psychological problems. With my own birth, I found out through muscle testing that my baby felt strong, resolute, and productive. While I was calm and relaxed. When I was pushing I had many negative emotions. My baby did as well, one of them being “no way out” and “quitting”.

I used The Emotion Code and The Body Code throughout my pregnancy to release trapped emotions, other negative energies, toxins, and pathogens that my baby absorbed from me in the womb. I corrected misalignments that she had very early on. I tested to make sure she was developing and growing 100% efficiently, both generally and specifically with parts of the body. I even worked on helping her to have a more positive personality. I worked on myself to help my body be ready for labor, and to help her body be ready as well. I used The Emotion Code and Body Code to help her be in the best position for a smooth labor, and it worked! My sisters used The Body Code while I was in labor as well. I had ONE contraction with back labor. I texted my sister, and after she worked on that, I had no more back labor. Liliana was born healthy and perfect.

What about after the baby is born? She had a rough time sleeping! I could not comfort her. Several people suggested going to a chiropractor because of possible birth injuries. I corrected cranial misalignments, vertebrae, and gland misalignments. She slept through the night for the first time after that. She has always been a very happy and social baby. I cannot help but contribute part of it to The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

If you are pregnant, have pregnancy complications, have an infant who is struggling to eat, sleep, gain weight, or is sick, The Emotion Code and Body Code can help! It can even help your labor to progress and go smoothly!

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