A love of learning makes for a happy child and successful adult. Yet for many children diagnosed with problems such as Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), learning is a struggle filled with frustration.

Although it’s common for drugs to be prescribed for conditions such as ADD and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), many parents are not happy medicating their children. Instead they are searching for holistic ways to help them to overcome their problems. The Body Code offers a way to give any child their best opportunity without medication.

Learning disabilities can affect listening and speaking, reading, writing and spelling, reasoning, concentration and mathematics. Some common imbalances children have that contribute to learning disabilities include social and emotional problems, nutritional deficiencies and toxins from processed foods and environmental sources. All of these can be discovered and addressed with The Body Code.


Dyslexia is considered a neurological disorder where the brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols. It is very common, affecting 5 to 10 percent of the population. It is not about IQ. It’s just a processing problem.

Some signs of Dyslexia include difficulty with words, letters, numbers and symbols. These get flipped around and can affect the way words are spoken or written. Sometimes people with Dyslexia will write words backwards long after childhood and have trouble listening and processing information.

MRIs of people with Dyslexia show low levels of brain activity while reading compared to other individuals. There also seems to be some kind of imbalance in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that coordinates movement and it can create time management and coordination issues for these children.

Dyslexia is considered to be genetically inherited, but Western medicine doesn’t really know much about the causes. Practitioners are discovering as they use The Body Code and The Emotion Code that problems considered to be genetic may actually be due to inherited emotional energy that has been passed from one generation to subsequent generations. People can get well when the real underlying causes are exposed and addressed. That’s what The Body Code and The Emotion Code are about, finding the real causes and balancing the body, mind and spirit by making corrections.

To help a child or adult with Dyslexia or other learning disabilities we ask the subconscious mind, “Is there an imbalance that is creating this difficulty for you?” If there is, the subconscious mind will lead the Body Code practitioner to a cause. This is repeated with various questions pertaining to the child’s issue to uncover various causes. To get more specific, we may ask questions such as, “Is there something that is lowering your brain activity when you are reading?” The more specific the questions you ask, the more specific the answers will be. Then you can correct the imbalance; release trapped emotions, address nutritional deficiencies, cleanse the body of toxins and more. Keep in mind, children may need educational therapy to help with their reading and writing after you have corrected their imbalances. When a child is balanced, the efforts to educate them will be a much smoother and more rewarding experience.


There is some speculation and disagreement about whether these disorders really exist but then disorders such as these are really a set of agreed upon symptoms and behaviors grouped together. ADD and ADHD are certainly modern disorders and they affect boys more than girls. It’s estimated that about 3 to 5 percent of the population has this condition and it often continues into adulthood. Symptoms include difficulty concentrating, focusing and listening. People who are dealing with this are easily distracted and tend to daydream frequently. Remember, though, Albert Einstein was told by one of his teachers that he would never amount to a lot because he was such a daydreamer!

Hyperactive or impulsive children sometimes get in trouble for acting out at school and have difficulty being quiet. These children have difficulty finishing tasks and of course, all of these behaviors worsen with fatigue, stress and poor diet. Unfortunately, the institutional answer is to medicate them. Sometimes there are many children in a classroom on a medication such as Ritalin to subdue them and make them more manageable for the teacher. Prescription drugs certainly have their side effects and really don’t solve the underlying issue to balance the child.

ADD and ADHD are attributed to imbalances in neurotransmitters in the brain. These can be caused by trapped emotions, toxins of all kinds, nutritional problems, and other causes. With The Body Code you can find these various causes by asking questions such as, “Is there an imbalance that you have that is creating an inability to stay focused?” or “Is there something altering your brain activity?” Then you can clear and correct whatever comes up in the mind maps of The Body Code. You will be amazed that the subconscious mind of a child knows exactly what it needs to find balance. When balance is achieved the behavioral problems are mitigated and the child will be much happier and able to learn and focus more easily.

Get Rid of Processed Junk Foods and Toxins

One of the most obvious changes parents can make to help their children with learning disabilities is to eliminate food colorings and other additives from their diets. These include chemicals such as Red dye #40, common in the foods we eat in the US but banned in European countries, and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a neurotoxin that interferes with brain function. These have been shown to increase hyperactivity, so removing them from diet will definitely create improved behavior and decrease symptoms. Sometimes all people need to do is to get their children off of these toxins. Aspartame should be avoided as well, as it is another neurotoxin that affects brain function, and has been linked to seizures and more. Fluoride is toxic compound that is promoted as being safe, yet has been banned in many countries around the world for its toxic side-effects, including lowering IQ. Fluoride is found in some of our cities’ water supplies, in toothpaste, mouthwashes, children vitamins and even on the non-stick coatings of pots and pans. It is important for parents, as consumers to be more aware of the dangers fluoride, as many doctors and dentists downplay the danger or are not aware.

With all children but especially those with learning disabilities, it’s important to avoid foods that contain pesticides and limit the intake of sugar and white flour. You also want to add healthy foods, including organic produce. There are many ways you can learn to prepare healthy foods kids will love. Brain function can be improved with a healthy diet and adequate nutrients. Ask the body if specific foods or nutrients are needed and the body will tell you.

There is much to learn to improve our health and to create more balance for our bodies and minds. Children are just as susceptible as anyone to having learning disabilities and behavioral difficulties because of poor diet or any other kind of imbalance in the body. The great thing is that children are very resilient and often respond to help with The Body Code very quickly as issues are resolved, which is very encouraging.

~ Dr Bradley Nelson & Jean Nelson