Step 1. It’s best for most people to begin with The Emotion Code® by reading the book and trying it out. This basic understanding offers a wonderful basis for all your energy healing work in the future. The Emotion Code book is available in bookstores in many countries, and online at Currently, you can get the first two chapters as a free download at

Step 2. If you’d like to really master the Emotion Code, we offer the possibility of becoming a Level 1: Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, which also gives you the opportunity to charge clients for Emotion Code sessions once you complete the program. The steps are as follows:

  • Pay the registration fee
  • Watch all the online videos, take the online quizzes, and complete the readings
  • Work with 30 individuals — either 20 humans & 10 animals, or 26 humans & 4 animals — and document your results online
  • Electronically sign and submit the Emotion Code Practitioner Certification Agreement

There is no travel required to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and you will have six months to complete all the coursework and practicum sessions. Most people receive their certification in about half the time allowed. Once you certify in the Emotion Code, you may begin taking paying clients and releasing trapped emotions via remote or in-person sessions. For more information visit:

Once you’ve accomplished these first steps, take your energy healing journey even further with Levels 2 and 3! 

Get the Body Code System App and become familiar with the Body Code™. Dr. Nelson’s Body Code System is the world’s most advanced self-study course on energy healing, and is built around a patented mind mapping system that enables you to access the subconscious mind to unlock your energy healing abilities. You may get the Body Code System App at any time on a monthly subscription, whether or not you intend to become a Body Code Certified Practitioner

Once you’re Body Code Certified, you might explore Belief Code Certification as well! This Level 3 training expands on your Emotion Code and Body Code education, teaching practitioners to address faulty belief systems. 

Once you’re a Certified Practitioner of any level, we recommend joining our Practitioner Education Program! This continuing education program offers quarterly webinars with our experts, and continuing education opportunities to keep your skills up to date.

Become a Discover Healing Affiliate. This program is available to Certified Practitioners of any level, and allows you to earn extra income by sharing this energy healing work!