In October of 2012 I ended a two-year relationship that was the longest and most meaningful relationship of my life. I fell into a deep spell of depression, similar to what I had experienced a few years earlier in my life after dropping out of college. This time however, I had the gained knowledge of having gone through depression once before, as well as the skills and methods to help myself; such as a yoga practice, meditation practice, different cognitive exercises and the understanding of how important it is to keep moving through such phases in life. But no matter what I did, I could not pull myself completely out of the throes of despair. I cycled on and off, over and over again, feeling one day like I was finally emerging from the darkness, only then to be thrust back in the following day.

After a couple of months of this, and what seemed like no progress at all, I came across a chance encounter with a family friend. I did not know she was an Emotion Code Practitioner, nor did I even know that my father had arranged for a “spontaneous” lunch with her, one day while we were in town. Over lunch, listening to their conversation, I soon realized that the whole thing had been “set up” as an opportunity to try and help me. Listening to her describe the process and how The Emotion Code works, I figured, “Why not, I might as well give it a shot.”

In the process of our session, she discovered that I had two Trapped Emotions, Grief and Heartache, that were linked together, and had to do with my previous relationship. With three swipes of the magnet down the back of my spine, they were gone. Within less than five minutes after that, I felt a huge sense of relief, like an incredibly heavy blanket had been pulled from my energetic body. For the first time in months, I could tangibly feel the energy that I know to be what I call my “true self.” It wasn’t just in my mind, it was real and tangible, and it felt amazing to have found such a profound method of healing that is also incredibly simple and easy to perform.

That experience has not only shifted me energetically, but it has also removed the stigma that healing has to be some long, drawn-out process, taking months or years and a lot of money and time. I am grateful for having discovered such an amazing healing technique and hope to soon become an Emotion Code Practitioner myself!

Phillip K. ~ Hot Springs, NC

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