I have suffered with TMJ for years. The tension recently got very extreme in my jaw so I decided it’s time to really tackle this using The Body Code! What I found surprised me but it made total sense. I had a mouth wall! It was made of concrete and was 30 kms (19 miles) thick! It all started when I was around 16. I never dared talk back to my mom! And it’s sad to say that I never felt safe to speak my truth to my mom because I had a fear of her. Mom was never abusive towards me but she has a very dominant personality. This particular day we got into an argument about my best friend at school and mom was saying some very mean things about her. I felt mom didn’t understand the whole situation and I didn’t like what she was saying so I yelled “Shut up!” at her and she slapped me across the face. This was out of character for me and for mom so both of us were shocked. That physical and emotional trauma affected me so deeply that I started building a mouth wall at a subconscious level right then and there. I’ve had to clear many other underlying issues contributing to my TMJ (like psychic traumas and even fluoride toxicity) using The Body Code, but this “30 km thick concrete wall” I’ve been packing around in my jaws all these years was a huge underlying issue. I’ve come to realize that I “like” to build walls around many different body parts and organs as a coping mechanism. I’m so grateful for the Body Codes to be able me identify them and take them down too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Corina P. ~ Alberta, Canada

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