I received The Body Code about four months ago. During this time there were moments where I felt I was helping people and other times of doubt. Even after others working with me to help my muscle testing – although improved – my muscle testing wasn’t always 100% accurate. I felt discouraged, thinking that it needed to be in order to be successful with this work.

I have had years of difficulty with my dental health, despite rigorous oral care, etc. A while ago, I found out that I had another cavity in one of my teeth and that an area of my gums was still inflamed, even after multiple procedures to try to remedy this. Shortly after receiving The Body Code, I heard through one of the webinars that you can heal cavities. Still being new at this, I thought I would give it a try.

The appointment for the filling kept getting pushed back for different reasons, but I had it just the other day. The dentist looked at my gums and asked if I been doing anything different. I described briefly about the energy work I had done, feeling a little hesitant at his reaction to that, and he said whatever I’ve been doing keep doing it. They looked great!

His assistant started prepping my mouth for the cavity filling and I asked if the cavity still looked the same as before. After spending a fair amount of time looking at that tooth with different instruments, including a diagnostic laser, he couldn’t find a cavity to fill! This has given me so much confidence in this work. You don’t have to be 100% with your muscle testing to get results. Just keep learning and moving forward.

– Ryan Sumner (California, USA)