By now I have seen many patients being very positively influenced from the work we did with The Emotion Code and The Body Code. It has been a great curiosity of mine to prove that The Emotion Code has great impact over the human health. I have done many tests with subjects that were very sensitive to energy fields and I had lots of good feedback. But, I said to myself that is all subjective… One man can feel something and the next one may not feel anything. Let’s bring a device into the game to offer an objective feedback over the whole process.

I proposed to a friend of mine who has an Electrosomatograph to test a patient before and after a 30 minute session on the worst affected region that was found on the device. One day we got our patient and we did our experiment. Before the emotional clearing the patient had multiple risk areas mostly on the digestive tract and the genitals. After the emotional clearing his condition improved dramatically. He felt renewed and had deep sense of inner peace. At that time we connected him to the device and surprise… 90% of the problems that were present before the emotional clearing were gone.

My friend, being a medical doctor like myself, was very impressed by the technique and was immediately convinced that this work is very effective and deserves more study. He said that in order for his patients to get this kind of results he prescribes them lots of supplements and a very strict diet for at least three weeks. I told to myself that just to see his face reacting like that deserved the whole experiment. 🙂

Iustin Lois ~ Cluj, Romania

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