I’ve worked on my dog Daisy for about 8 sessions. During our last session I cleared her Heart-Wall which was comprised of 27 Trapped Emotions. Today we took her to groomer for her spa day, as we call it, for her shampoo, hair trimming, and nail trimming. Everything was fine and she was happy to be going, when a few times before she didn’t want to go.

When I picked her up, she looked fantastic and I asked the groomer if she had been any trouble. The groomer said Daisy had never been better that they were able to do her ears and nails, because all the times before she wouldn’t allow them to touch her on her paws or ears. She figured that I had “medicated” her and that explained her calmer nature. I told her I don’t medicate my dogs, I don’t like meds myself. I told her I “Worked on her to release old Trapped Emotions and hurt feelings from her past” and she just looked at me somewhat intrigued. She said I should keep it up since she was a pleasure to work on.

Daisy never looked better because I could tell from the trimming that they did not have struggle.

It was such a wonderful and confirming experience and it caught me off guard because I wasn’t expecting her to be so different because of the Heart-Wall and other Trapped Emotions we had released. I could tell that she is calmer and more manageable, but to have someone who only sees her every 3 months confirm the transformation was extremely validating.

~ Paska N.

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