I found The Emotion Code and although I am an Usui/Tibetan/Karuna/Reiki master and have been meditating daily and work with energy with The Way Of The Heart integrations, this work has provided for me the healing I was seeking all of my life! I had a Heart-Wall that had 4 inherited emotional blocks and I had experienced the tragic death of a first love at age 17. My emotional blocks have been cleared, the pain in my right leg and foot has gone and I have noticed that I feel so much lighter! Also, the men are noticing me more! I have been single for 22 years since my divorce and it’s been a challenge for me to establish a  long term relationship. Thank you for this work! I am feeling so grateful! I work with energy healing and the techniques that you share in the book were so easy to follow. I am a health coach and energy healer and have already shared this with clients who have had remarkable results! I could go on here, however, I have written so much already. I am so very thankful!

~ Deborah O’Brien

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