This is a testimonial I received today from a client whose Heart-Wall I removed:

‘A few months ago I was blessed to work with Maggie with the Emotion Code. Maggie has a wealth of knowledge and Wisdom and has studied many modalities. She remains a very grounded, warm and compassionate lady and from the first moment I felt completely at ease and comfortable with her. Maggie worked on my Heart-Wall, some of the emotions cleared were fairly simple and others were very deep and extremely painful for me, emotions I had carried for a lifetime. I felt so much love, compassion and understanding from Maggie and at all times felt 100% safe.

‘It took 3 sessions to clear my heart wall, after each session I could feel and see a difference in myself. The most significant change following the final session was having boundaries for the first time in 58 years. Initially I was quite harsh with some people who I felt were taking advantage of me but I soon found a grace and gentleness in enforcing my new boundaries. It has been an incredibly empowering experience and without doubt it has helped me find a deeper self love which has accelerated my healing journey. I loved working with Maggie and the Emotion Code are profoundly simple and effective. Thank you Maggie for your love and wisdom and being the beautiful being you are.’

Sue, UK

~ Maggie Pashley

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