I started to use The Emotion Code with my horse as soon as I finished reading the ebook. I am very confident and familiar with kinesiology. My OTTB (off-the-track Thoroughbred), Cash, has had girthing issues that came up all of a sudden. He has a custom fitted saddle and I changed his girth. The sports physiotherapist did some work and said he should be fine. Cranial sacral therapy was the same she did a bit of body work and said he was good to go. He remained the same if not worse. The next thing was a nutritional work up which found that he has leaky gut. Ok so that is the physical result of a deeper emotional problem now showing physical symptoms. I was thrilled to find your work as I believe we get a spiritual nudge which becomes an emotional problem then if not recognized it becomes physical. He had been lethargic and seemed depressed although trying very hard to please in every way. This dragged him down more until he lashed out while being girthed.

I have uncovered many Trapped Emotions and released a Heart-Wall but the most interesting episode was this: while he stood quietly in the field I massaged his neck softly he turned towards the other side of his neck with ears pinned and pointed to his neck on the other side. I walked him back to his herd mates and walked away suddenly I got a sharp pain in the side of my neck the same side that he had pointed out on his neck. I turned back just as he turned to look back at me. Got the message Cash! When I returned home I muscle tested to see if Cash and I had a Trapped Emotion in his neck that was related. I was able to release the Trapped Emotion for both of us and the pain in my neck left immediately. I still have more to release with both of us but I am excited and confident that we will be moving forward with grace and ease.

Thank you for this wonderful technique. I look forward to helping my entire herd of 8 and my dog. Namaste,

Sherry Thomson ~ Ontario, Canada

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