I had a session with a Body Code Practitioner last month, and found out that I had 9 emotions in my Heart-Wall, 2 pre-conceived, 2 maternally inherited, and 5 from my personal experiences.

When the practitioner identified them one by one, I keep nodding my head, deeply knowing that this was true. I could not stop my tears since I have been suffering from those emotions for the past 29 years.

When at the beginning they were released, I had a period of outpouring of my tears and emotions that I couldn’t control, then I started feeling lighter and lighter. Since then, I have been feeling more at ease, more calm, and more trusting that the universe is taking care of me, no matter what.

My connection with God is much stronger. I know I am a natural healer and I want to learn The Emotion Code and The Body Code. I want to reclaim all my gifts of healing to help my family, friends, and all human beings to release their emotion baggage, and live a healthy life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

~Miao-Yi Yan