I had been working with a practitioner for about a year and she helped me learn to use The Emotion Code. I used it often and it was very effective. The miraculous event happened May of this year, 2015. I was getting ready to transition to a new state to reunite with my husband who is an active duty service member in the army.

I had been experiencing a lot of pain and numbness in my left leg and although I tried to get an appointment with my vascular doctor, circumstances delayed it until two days before I was to drive five days from Georgia to Washington State. On May 24th, 2015 my doctor performed an ultrasound and he found a blood clot in my femoral inguinal vein. This was extremely concerning due to the drive ahead of me. They put me on Xarelto to prevent any more blood clots from forming (this is not a medication that breaks up a blood clot).

My doctor said “wear your compression stockings and stop and walk around every two to four hours, and keep your feet elevated when possible.”

Once I arrived in Washington I immediately set an appointment with a vascular doctor. It was about three weeks before I could get an appointment. I went to my appointment and they performed another ultrasound. Guess what? It was gone! How does this have anything to do with The Emotion Code? Well during my trip I used it numerous times to clear different emotions. I was using it a lot to help keep my nerves and pain and stress at bay. My family thought I was crazy, as they had never seen this before.

In a three to four week span while using The Emotion Code the clot vanished. Even with images from my doctor in Georgia, no one could explain how this happened. They had never witnessed anything like it, ever.

I aspire to become a Body Code practitioner when we are on our feet financially, until then I will continue using The Emotion Code. Thank you for this miraculous system and knowledge, you are a true gift from God. Sincerely,

Jenni Swisegood – Tacoma, WA.

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