“We discovered a bird on the terrace. He was lying on the floor and couldn’t keep his head up. I carefully took him in my hand and examined him but couldn’t see any external injuries. Our friend googled on her smartphone that it was a greenfinch. It had symptoms that it would not live much longer but I said, ‘The bird isn’t dead until he takes his last breath.’ I had the Emotion Code® chart at hand and asked if he had a trapped emotion. The answer was yes.

“The greenfinch had 2 trapped emotions; the first was horror and the second was grief. I cleared both emotions from his spine. After a short time, he could hold his head upright, and then he sat down on my finger. I thought that was great! I ran my finger down his spine again. The greenfinch really enjoyed that and flew away shortly afterwards. I am really happy that the Emotion Code also works with birds!”

~Konrad Hartich, Boden, Germany

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