I have been using The Emotion Code for a year now, having been involved in various other “energy” therapies. I am not a practitioner but use the technique for myself, plus friends and family. To start with I focused on releasing Trapped Emotions for physical symptoms and had a small amount of success, the technique made such sense but I didn’t feel I was having any significant breakthroughs. I didn’t appear to have a Heart-Wall, which I initially guessed was because the previous years of energy work had perhaps moved me forward in such a way that it had been “dealt with,” (or for some other reason my subconscious needed me to address other areas first.)

I got into the habit of releasing any emotions that had become trapped each day before going to bed. As well as experiencing a very tangible relief from the release, it was illuminating to understand what processes I was going through that lead to an emotion becoming trapped. The big lightbulb moment for me was when I realised that if I wasn’t experiencing relief from releasing Trapped Emotions, then I needed to release a mini Heart-Wall that had formed that day—it was extraordinary, like someone had turned the lights on! If a Heart-Wall had formed in me during the course of the day it was like I was carrying around a huge rock and releasing the Heart-Wall would cause this to disappear. I now check in at the end of each day for myself and my immediate family, and have seen a huge daily difference for all of us, particularly the children’s behaviour!

Understanding the processes that lead to Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls in myself, within the context of my own personal history, has given me an insight into just how much “stuff” I am carrying around. I am releasing my own Heart-Wall material, at a pace which my subconscious allows me, and am doing the same for others – the difference it makes to people’s lives around me is huge. For me releasing the Heart-Wall is a profound way of “lightening the load.”

Thank you so much for The Emotion Code.

~ Helen

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