I don’t know where to begin except to say thank you so much for making your method available to all of us. I bought The Emotion Code program hoping it could help resolve an extremely tight muscle in my back/hip that neither regular chiropractic adjustments and massages could fix after four years. Without knowing what I was doing and releasing an imbalance, the pain was gone immediately. How amazing!

I was brought to tears when I heard you explain how you discovered the Heart-Wall. I never felt like I belonged anywhere, even in my own family. So at age 71, I had my Heart-Wall cleared. It was 50 miles thick, and my subconscious chose to make it of wood. I had six inherited emotions from my mother and father going back 11 generations. These were unworthy, nervousness, frustration, shame, vulnerability, and betrayal. There were many others going back to age 10. What I noticed almost immediately was that I didn’t hear the constant chatter in my head and I no longer felt what I can only describe as an electric current constantly running through my body. It feels so good to finally relax.

In my entire life, I never allowed friends in my house because I felt ashamed of it. Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend spent few days with me and we had a really good time, just catching up. She’ll be back next week for a few more days. I’m no longer uncomfortable talking to people. I enjoy doing things for friends without feeling like I’m being taken advantage of. I’m so happy I was open to trying your program. Thank you again.

~Mary Campbell