Every so often my younger daughter has growing pains. They come on strong and fast and always in the middle of the night (how come they don’t happen during the day, when I’m alert and wide awake?). My husband and I are usually scrambling to quiet the crying down and to get back to our peaceful slumber, asap.

Last night was such an event. We’d had a full day of celebrating July 4th—a potluck with friends, parade watching, Women’s World Cup Finals, hot dogs and chips, sparklers and then fireworks. It was a fun-filled day packed with high energy. My daughter was sleeping in the basement with her sister and a friend and the next thing I knew I was being woken up to her crying at the foot of the bed, the head lamp on her forehead shining in my face.

We are familiar with episodes of this pain and I know that it comes in waves and cycles through the night. Our initial approach is usually to have my husband massage her legs since he’s a massage therapist and is sensitive to where the energy in her body has trouble moving. So my husband got to massaging her legs and things seemed to settle down and she fell asleep, as did the rest of us. Not more than an hour later we awoke again to crying, this time more intense, with my daughter shaking her legs in pain.

By this point her crying became unbearable to me (if you have children you are most likely very familiar with the sound of your crying child seeming exponentially more intense at night than during the day). My husband tried rubbing her legs again and proceeded to reach for the pain-reliever which we don’t normally administer, but we were desperate for sleep, this holiday night in particular.

I suddenly remembered that I had a resource to deal with her pain, and which had helped her in the past. The Emotion Code! Why hadn’t I remembered to use it when she woke up in pain the first time around? I asked her if she wanted me to work on her and she nodded “yes”. By this point she’s had ample experience with me using The Emotion Code on her to know its effectiveness.

I ran down the stairs to my office and retrieved my healing tools (notebook, pen, magnet and The EC Chart of Emotions). I connected to her energy and immediately got to identifying trapped emotions that were causing her pain in her ankles and legs. By the time I released the second emotion (about 3 minutes in) she had stopped crying, and by the time I’d released the 4th emotion her body was no longer vibrating and shivering in pain. She had become calm and relaxed–the energy of her entire body had completely shifted from panic to peace.

I released a total of 7 emotions and when I was done I asked how she felt and she said the pain had gone away, almost completely. My husband and I, and my daughter, could rest easy now knowing that the issue was resolved and sweet dreams were ours again. (Well, that was the case for our daughter since she stayed in our bed the rest of the night…my husband and I, well, we dealt with her hogging the bed the rest of the night but were happy to be free of her cries of pain).

An Emotion Code session can act that fast on resolving acute pain. And, not only does it address the pain immediately at hand, it clears the energy that is clogging that body part and probably has been doing so for a significant amount of time. I often wonder if I wasn’t clearing this energy what would happen if the energy continued to reside in my child’s ankle joints, shins and knees? How would this manifest for her physically down the road, in her future?

I feel really grateful and happy to have The Emotion Code as a resource. As I use it to help my growing children I know that I am helping their physical bodies function more optimally with letting the energy move through their bodies more freely, as it’s meant to. And I know for sure that a body with freely moving energy is a happy body.

There are so many other uses for The Emotion Code—I encourage you to contact me so we can give it a try to see how it can help you and/or your family!

Anya Shepelavey ~ Crozet, VA

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