“I am a Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner and I am in love with this wonderful healing modality! I’ve run sessions for adults, children, babies in the womb, and animals, and have seen wonderful things happen! I will speak of one family in particular.

“In one session the mother released a trapped emotion that had caused horrible long-term neck pain. She attributed the pain to injuries as a child gymnast but through exploration we discovered the emotion had been trapped around age 10 when an intruder tried to break into the family’s house. After that one session, she stopped going to the chiropractor for pain management and has been pain free since!

“I ran a session for her newborn who had a traumatic birth and first week in NICU. We identified and released several trapped emotions related to his time separated from his mother during that oh so crucial bonding period after birth. This really helped him to settle in at home and bond with his mom.

“Not too long ago I ran a session for her second child while in the womb. She was worried that her stress was negatively impacting him. We discovered several trapped emotions he had absorbed from her to help her feel better. We learned he is her sensitive child and she was so grateful to learn that she needs to respond to him with patience and care once he is born.

“Lastly, I ran a session for the grandparents’ dog who was ready to leave this life. Through muscle testing and intuition his subconscious mind shared a lot of trauma in his early life (prior to being adopted) related to the trapped emotions that were holding him with his family. After a few sessions, he was able to pass on feeling safe and loved. Wow! I truly love the Emotion Code!”

~Karen LeVasseur, Maine, USA

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