I’m currently going through the complete Body Code 2.0 seminar and learning all about muscle testing and what The Body Code can do. I’ve been having energy work done for myself for the last 18 months and have decided that I want to be able to help others and become an energy practitioner. I was recommended to The Body Code by a friend and it feels like the perfect fit for me!

I wanted to share my very first experience using the Body Code (as well as doing muscle testing). My 14 year old son mentioned to me that his tailbone had been hurting him, for almost 4 months, and it was so painful that it bothered him to sit for too long. His pain level was a 7.

We went through the mind map and discovered his tailbone wasn’t happy due to a Trapped Emotion of anxiety that started at 14, which he has only been 14 for almost 5 months, so it’s a very recent Trapped Emotion. He immediately thought of starting football for the first time, and all the anxiety he has felt with it. His pain level decreased to a 4 after we released it.

So we checked his tailbone again and after working through the mind map discovered that he had some metabolic waste that was causing him issues. After we cleared the metabolic waste, he was SHOCKED that his tailbone DID NOT HURT at all!! He texted all his friends to tell him what his mom had done. 🙂 His friends even noticed the next day that he was walking better (normal again). My son was so excited about having his tailbone no longer hurt. He even said he felt lighter and like he was walking around on air. Now all my other kids want me to practice on them! I can’t wait to help as many people as I can using The Body Code!

Darcy DeSpain ~ Saintt David, Arizona, US

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