I removed my Heart-Wall that was made of stone, 5 miles thick and consisted of anxiety, heartache and inherited despair. After removing the emotions with 3 rolls of Dr. Nelson’s refrigerator chart magnet for the first 2 emotions and 10 rolls for the inherited, I became more calm and able to be more present most of the time. Although, a big shift had occurred, there was still an underlying anxiety that continued to show up intermittently.

My test results did not make sense until I took Dr. Nelson’s Emotion Code Certification course, and found pre-conception trapped emotions. I retested and to my surprise, I burst into tears. After releasing both fear of impending life on earth and grief of feeling separated from God, I felt myself smiling. I have been working on this my entire life and tried so many things. This was the answer to my prayers.

Since that moment, I have been happy, grateful and excited about life! In the middle of situations that use to raise anxiety in the core of my being, I realize that I’m not in any fear or feel any anxiety. I feel peaceful, grounded and connected, for the first time in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my freed heart.

Diana Limoge ~ Kula, HI