I am a volunteer at an organization that assists families with special needs children. One day I overheard one of the staff members describing the problems that her autistic son was experiencing at his school. Dave was hitting other children and having tantrums every Friday. The school would call, which forced his mother to leave work early to pick him up every week. I asked her later what was causing him to become so angry on Fridays. She told me that she and his father were separated, and Dave was spending Saturdays with his father. Dave, for no apparent reason, had developed an aversion to his father and would no longer speak to him or respond to him. He also would not allow his mother to cuddle and hug him.

I explained the Emotion Code to Dave’s mother and offered to release Dave’s Heart-Wall and trapped emotions. After receiving permission, I performed three sessions on Dave within 10 days, clearing his Heart-Wall and all trapped emotions. Within a few days following the last session, Dave’s mother reported that his behavior had completely changed. He would now come up to his mother and want to be hugged. He no longer had any anger towards his father and now responded to him as he normally did. Even Dave’s teacher could not believe the changes in his behavior. Dave no longer hit other children and played happily with them at school.

A separation or divorce can trigger trapped negative emotions in both adults and children. As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I feel blessed to be in a position to assist them through this life event, allowing them to move forward without harmful emotional baggage.

Jennifer Andretti, CECP, CBCP ~ Las Vegas, Nevada, USA