I was born into a good family composed of my parents and three siblings. When I was seventeen, my little sister got pregnant with my niece Manuela. We belonged to a religion and a society who was extremely conservative, and my father didn’t know how to manage the situation at the time. I felt that my world fell apart.

Fast-forward seventeen years. I had three beautiful children and loved my husband, but I carried a feeling of sadness in my heart. Always. I didn’t know any different.

I invited my niece Manuela to spend Christmas with our family. I had been reading The Emotion Code book, and the gift my mother-in-law gave me was a session with an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner. I went to my session with my niece. The practitioner tested me for Trapped Emotions. A huge wave of energy came into the room when she came up with the emotion of “Sorrow.”

When my niece was born, I had trapped the emotion of Sorrow because of all the turmoil my family went through. My niece was sitting there in front of me and all I could see was her beautiful face; she is an incredible, extraordinary young woman who I don’t doubt came to this earth for a purpose and a reason that I do not comprehend.

I could not stop crying. My niece told me after the session was done that she could physically feel an energy going through her when this emotion was cleared from me. After all the emotions were cleared from me I felt different. I can breathe, I feel lighter. This is a miracle.

Thank you Doctor Brad.

– Angelica Benson (California, USA)