I have had chronic fatigue for a number of years now. I have come to realize that there is definitely an emotional component to it, so I have been investigating various emotional healing technologies. But, by happenstance, the Emotion Code was “dropped into my lap”. I began reading it immediately, and I totally resonated with it.

I have used the sway method before for muscle testing, but it was never accurate. But the book was so encouraging and so detailed about the method that even before finishing the book I decided to try to clear a trapped emotion. At first the sway method did not work. But I remembered a detail from the book, and I remembered to love myself more. When I did this, I could tell that the muscle testing was working very well.

I was able, using the flowchart, to determine which emotion was trapped. Sadness. And I pinned down the incident in which it was created, about 25 years ago and I was able to clear it. There was such a depth of feeling that I knew it was working. I found that it was lodged in my left ovary, and I have been having pain there recently. I cleared it. Testing indicated that it was cleared.

And then, unexpectedly that evening, someone called me from the other side of the world (literally) and led me into a conversation about the very incident which I had just cleared. I ruminated on it all evening, probably all night during my sleep, and this morning. Deep feelings came up and also many memories that were hidden away. I expected this as it was clearly explained in the book – the aftermath of removing these trapped emotions.

And I know that this worked. And I know now that I can go on to root out the trapped emotions related to my chronic fatigue.

I feel as though a new world has opened up. I am very happy about this and also very grateful to have found it. Thank you! – Ann Rogers