“I purchased The Body Code in March 2016 after attending webinars for almost a year. I was sure that it would be a huge benefit for my family and people I love. The first person I did The Body Code on was my teenage son. The session went farther than I thought, detecting a need for a T3 session, which I have no idea about, a Miasm which scared my son to death, and more. After the first session with The Body Code, I felt it was almost disastrous. I was not prepared for this result. On the day 2, I felt
little regret about purchasing The Body Code but I have a deep trust in Dr. Brad after participating in many webinars and reading The Emotion Code book twice. I decided to give it a try as I have 30 days to try it.

A few days later, my son told his friend about The Body Code and The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code worked more smoothly on my son. His friend asked to work on him and got his parent’s approval. I started working on my son’s teenage friend as the proxy. After two months, his immune system percentage went up to 85%. It had been at 9% when we started. Later I found that he’s had multiple health issues.

One day my old friend in France called me about her teenage daughter who does not want to go to school. I talked her about The Body Code and asked if I could practice on her daughter. She agreed. She asked if I could do The Body Code for her mother in China. By practicing The Body Code on people whom I don’t even see or talk to, I’ve learned a lot, since almost each session a new underlying reason is revealed. It’s like my own version of free webinars to myself by practicing The Body Code as proxy! The point is, to ask others if they will let me practice on them, instead of asking if I can do something for them. They do good for me because I am still learning and practicing. I heard that some people returned The Body Code because their subconscious mind showed something unexpected, like which food they should avoid. They thought it was too much or were not ready to accept it. I think it is too soon to quit this precious gift from Heaven through Dr. Brad’s prayer and practice. I recommend any new users to keep practicing The Body Code and The Emotion Code. You’ll love it more.”

~Sandy W.